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me** - July 27

h__lo, I found out I am pregnant July 11. I've taken many tests and have seen the doctor because I have had some wierd experiences. Once when miscarrying a tech asked me why I thought I was pregnant bc he saw nothing. Lter I was told some women do have their hormone levels show a pregnancy even if they are not though it is very rare. Then I had another miscarriage. Both times I think if i had just waited to take a test I would have never known and just had a regular period. Last oct I have a tubal. It ruptured and I didn't even know I was pregnant. That was the most scarey and painful thing. I don want to experience that again. They took out the bad tube and checked the other it was good. So now back to a couple of weeks ago... I am so worried becuase I have had very light bleeding, it has come and gone and came back again. I see a doctor thurs so I should just not worry till then. I know it could be normal. I remember I had a coworker who said she could always tell if she was pregnant if she did a finger check. I don't know what she felt but I wanted to see if the spotting was bad. I did it and I did feel something like a tiny hard ball but it seemed to be where your urethra comes from. just wonder if any else had experience since my coworker is long gone. I know it might seem gross but I really wanted to know. The spotting wasn't there so I guess that is good. thanks


Charlene - July 27

I think you should see a Dr. I had a ruptured ectopic 2 years ago and this time I had them send me for an u/s very early to determine if this one was ectopic. So far so good. I am only 7 weeks 2 days, but hoping that all goes well. Good luck! The finger test- perhaps she was talking about your cervix. I think once you are pregnant it is supposed to be softer- but I am not too sure- I do really think you should see a Dr.


me** - August 5

thanks as I said, I did have an appointment. I went in and they did an internal and external ultra sound. We heard the heartbeat and saw it. I am lucky my doctor does an ultra sound every visit. thanks for your response. I think it was more the uterus but not sure. If anyone else knows that would be interesting but at this point I am just trying not to worry.



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