First Appointment Just Wondered How Early U Get In

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Kira_lynn - April 7

Last pg (ended in m/c) i was 13 weeks before they saw me. And by then i had no baby(just a sac). Im really hoping that now that i've went thru that, that they will get me in sooner....I met my obgyn the day i had the u/s and maybe i should go straight to her? Hopefully they do early stuff to check heartbeat and such...oh im sooooooooooooo scared im gonna m/c again...


Susan W - April 7

My midwife said there was no point to an earlier appointment even after one m/c; she sees clients for the first time no earlier than 8 weeks, and generally doesn't even have an u/s before 20 weeks unless there's a problem. She said there's nothing that can be done if you're going to m/c again to prevent it or predict it really; if it's going to happen, it's going to happen, but she did say if it happened again, she would send me for a workup if I chose to do that. But that first couple of months is very scary, and even if you have an early appointment or u/s, you still worry. I had an early u/s at 8w4d because I was bleeding, and all was well, but I still worry and still check for blood every time I hit the bathroom. It really didn't change anything, as now I know just how tenous pregnancy is in the first trimester. Your doctor may have a different opinion, but don't be surprised if you still aren't seen before 8-10-12 weeks, somewhere in there, unless you start spotting. I actually see my midwife for the first time Monday at 11w2d. Hang in there :)


Kira_lynn - April 7

Thanks for response. It really makes sense, everything you've said. 11w2d!! Thats exciting. Im not telling anyone this peeps might find out on their own..i was pretty sick (cashier) last time and we're a pretty close knit store. Thanks again and have fun on Monday!!!


scarlett - April 9

Yeah, my first appointment will be next week, at 12weeks, and I hate the fact that I still dont know if everything's ok at this stage. I want to be able to know if anything's wrong, and I want to know soon. I hate it when they make us wait so long. Urgh.



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