First Appt This Friday Help

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sheila - July 5

i have my first appt. w/ my OBGYN this friday. i'm really unsure what they will do. I just scheduled my appt and they gave me this friday. Today is my 7th week. anyone know what tests they do, how long appt is and if husband is able to go in exam room w/ me? please advise. thank you all


Jennifer - July 5

Sheila, Practices differ slightly, but I think they all do basically the same thing. They usually call you back and take your blood pressure, Weight, and a urine sample. Then you usually return to the waiting room until the Dr. is ready to see you. He/She will probably feel your lower abdomen, sometimes they will insert two fingers into your v____a and push down on your abdomen at the same time. They do this to feel you uterus, to make sure it is the correct size for your due date. If you don't know your due date, they will tell you. Sometimes they check your cervix, although my Dr. did that at my 2nd visit. Be prepared for tons of questions. It is important to answer them as truthfully and acurately as possible. They'll ask you all about your symptoms, family medical history, your past medical history, your husbands family medical history, etc... They will also probably take blood samples. My husband has attended all of my appointments, My practice encourages it. He goes into the exam room and everything. Also if you get lucky they may do an ultrasound. If they do you will get to see your little baby. That was the highlight of the visit for me. It made me forget all about having to be stuck for blood. I hate needles! I hope this helps some. Like I said every practice does things a little different. Good luck on your first appointment!


Tara - July 5

I had my first OB appt today. I had another appt 4 weeks ago where we just went over my family history and they drew blood. I am 9 weeks. He did exactly what Jennifer described. It was very easy and my husband sat in the room too. I have to go back in 4 weeks. I hope this helps.



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