First Bump Appearance

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crackersforme - February 21

Another question I am curious to know. When did everyone see their first little 'bump on their stomach & where did it pop out at on you (right below your belly button...right above your pelvis, etc...). Thanks!!


Krissy25 - February 21

I am almost 14 weeks and it is just now starting to be obvious to me that my belly is pooching out a bit. It is right above my pelvis. I would say before now I noticed my stomach wasn't as flat but there really wasn't a bump.


ChattyKathy - February 21

I got bloated and then I just kind of went poof at week 12. So, I never got the little pointy bump like most people. I actually look like I'm a month ahead of where I am.


Bellas Mom - February 22

With my first it was around 14/15 weeks that I had this little bump coming through my bigger stomach and wider waist. With this one I got a wider waist around 8 weeks but still no bump (i'm a little over 10 weeks now) But I can already feel the top of my uterus trying to poke out from behind my pelvic bone. I do have a belly now, but I think it's because all your other internal organs get pushed up and out.... that's my opinion though... I may be totally off here :-)


ginger6363 - February 22

I'm right there with ChattyKathy, I went from bloated to "poof" right around week 12 (this week!). Yesterday, I actually got my first "pregnant" comment--I was ordering a sandwich at the sandwich shop and asked if they do half with one meat and half with another. The lady at the counter said it was against their policy, but then she smiled and said, "If the baby wants it, I think I can make an exception." Yea! Someone can actually tell that my bloating is a baby!


akmomma - February 22

It6 really depends on how toned your tummy muscles are. If your very toned, you probley wont notice till a bit later, (12-16 wks.) If you have already had a child, or have a bit more to love in the mid section, you could notice your "bump" a bit sooner. Also, everyones bump looks different, but USUALLY starts low, below the belly b___ton. OR, you could get wider...then poke out in front...Just depends on your body type. I took a picture once a week thru my 1st pregnancy, and it was really neat to see the changes!


mel2229 - February 22

I started to pop out at about 11 weeks. I was not big to begin with but they do say that you usually show soon if it's not your first pregnancy. I was wondering if anyone knew when your tummy is supposed to feel hard? Second trimester maybe?


dukeblue1212 - February 22

Before I got pregnant, I definitely had a pooch already but I could always suck it in. I'm only seven weeks along but I'm finding it very difficult to suck in my pooch. My husband touched my stomach last night and was shocked at how much it's filled out. I'm not overeating because I've been writing down every calorie that goes into my mouth. I'm only hitting about 1600-1800 per day and I work out about three times a week. I just don't feel that hungry and sometimes have to force myself to eat.



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