First Doc Appt Is An Ultrasound Is This Common

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MommyAgain - May 3

I found out on April 29th via a home pregnancy test and a doctor's office test that I am pregnant! The only thing is, I haven't had a period since the middle of last year. I am extremely irregular and always have been. I have a 16 and 20 year old son already, so this is my 3rd child :) My family doctor told me to get to an OB/GYN immediately due to my age (38). Well, when I phoned one for an appointment they asked me for the last day of my last period.. I have no idea. I tried to explain that it wasn't relevant in my case because it had been so long. The lady on the phone became snippy and told me to check my calendar. I explained again that I had no idea because it was the middle of last year. Well, she finally told me that she set an appointment for an ultrasound on May 10th, so now I wait. Is it common that your first appointment is for an ultrasound? I figured I would go for a check up and consultation first. I think I have pinpointed the date of conception to February 27th, simply because hubby and I hadn't been active for quite some time before or after that day.. so it's kind of obvious. Is it common to get pregnant when you aren't even cycling? Thanks for any advice or comments :)


Lynn - May 3

Yes, it's common when you don't have regular periods. They due the u/s to try to date the pregnancy. Have you always been so irregular or are you kind of pre-menopausal? You always ovulate befor eyou have a period so it's not unheardof that you got pregnant with being so irregular.


SRG - May 3

Hi Mommy Again, I am 13 weeks now...very excited. Anyway my sister and I also have a problem getting our period. My sister did not get her period as well and she got pregnant, so aparently you can cycle and ovulate without an actual period. Good Luck!


MommyAgain - May 3

Thanks ladies, When I had my 2nd son, who is now 16.. my body totally screwed up and I have never been regular since. I have had about 12 periods in the last 16 years that weren't brought on by a doc's help. I've had a few brought on by prescription meds, but that got too annoying and expensive to bother with. It's just so amazing to me that we're pregnant.. I feel so blessed and happy.. but now the long wait for the arrival is killing me lol


c - May 4

Not unless you are in Damacus, Syria they do ultrasound at every Doctors visit. Congratulations. I think ultrasound are common at 8 and 16 weeks. One for dating the pregnancy, the other for development.


Kelly K - May 4

It's completely normal when you're not regular. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks, 7 weeks, 11.4 weeks and I'll have another at 20 weeks. Just don't get discouraged if they can't see much on the first ultrasound. It's probably too early to see much. No need worrying for nothing.


Gina - May 4

I know that I conceived the first week in April. I had my first ultrasound (before a obgyn checkup) at 6 weeks, and the baby looked like a tiny bean! I go back at 8 weeks for my second one.



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