First Doctor S Visit

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Jessica - November 24

I'm pregnant and very excited. I took a test on the weekend and today i'm going to my doctor to make everything offical. What can I expect with the first visit.


Deb - November 24

Well, I am seven weeks and I just had my first visit on Monday. She didn't do anything except ask me questions and tell me about some screening tests. She gave me some literature to read and we talked about when I would have my first ultrasound. She didn't to an exam, a urine or blood test or anything. In a month I am going for my first ultrasound and then my second pre-natal visit right after where they will take my blood and do an exam. Hope this helps, but every doctor is different!


Kennedy - November 24

Hi Jessica, congratulations! I'm 7w 4 d pregnant and had my first exam on Tuesday. First, there was a lot of paper work to fill out which took about 45 minutes. A nurse practioner then reviewed my paper work and then I went in for my u/s. It was so wonderful to be able to see my baby's heartbeat on the was such a great moment! This is a great time to ask all the questions that you have about your pregnancy. It's a good idea to think of them before your appointment so that you get everything answered. Then I had to go to the lab to get my blood drawn and had a urine test to check for RH, HcG level, rubella, etc. The entire process took almost 3 hours so be prepared with a snack. Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy.


Steph - November 25

I went to my first doc's visit on Monday and I was 6.5 weeks along. I filled out a few papers, and I was given an internal exam, physical exam, and was told that I had a pregnancy heart murmer. Never heard of that, but my doc said it's normal for some women to get in pregnancy. Anways, he also gave me an u/s where I could see the baby, fetal pole, and yolk sac, but not the heartbeat yet. He said on some babies/women it can take until seven weeks or so. I also had my blood drawn.


a - November 27

well on my first dr. appt., i went into an office for about 1 hour, and she talked and asked a whole bunch of questions about family history, and about the babys father, and his family. then they will take you into a room and do a v____al exam where they examine how big your uterus is. i got a whole bunch of blood drawn, and a urine test to confirm. i didnt get an u/s, unless you remember your last menstural period. good luck



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