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Cheryl - February 28

I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor has yet to exam me. He has done two urine test but that is all. When did everyone else have their first prenatal visit?


Kim - February 28

Cheryl, I am entering my 6th week and my first visit is not until 03/25. My Doctor will not do an u/s until between weeks 8 and 12. I am going to see him tomorrow but that is only to answer some questions I have because this is all so new to me. I have seen on other posts that a first visit is often scheduled later in your first trimester.


<Amy> - March 1

I'm around 6/7 weeks not sure until i have my u/s. I had my first doctors appointment yesterday and got even less than that! (had my pregnancy confirmed at a hospital walk-in centre so doc didn't need to take urine). She just checked my blood pressure, gave me a free book on pregnancy and wrote a letter to the hospital to book me in. It should take a few weeks but I don't wanna have to wait that long, I'm 18 first time mum and very anxious. I'm not even 100% about how far along i am.


Heidi - March 1

I'm 6 weeks pg and went in for my first exam at 5 weeks. They did a pap test and took blood and said they would do an ultrasound on my next visit, which will put me at 7.5 weeks. I heard they can't see much before then so it's kind of pointless. I'm sure if you requested it they would do it sooner.


Tara M - March 1

Hi there I am 5 weeks pregnant and had my first doctors visit yesterday and he did the ultra sound it was amazing. We could definatley see the sac. I can't wait to go back in 4weeks


Kristina - March 1

Tara, could they only see the sac or could you see the baby too. I have a v____al u/s yesterday and only saw the sac. I am 7 weeks which makes the sac 5 weeks and he said it may be to early still. i am not sure if I should be worried


Tara M - March 1

Hi there again he saw the sac only and so did i. But i dont think there is anything to worry about. In my book "what to expect when expecting" which is an awesome book it states that at the end on the first month the baby would only be the size of a grain of rice which is not very big and would definetly be very hard to see. I would not worry Im not. I was satisfied when he did the u/s and said "you are definetly pregnant" I was the happiest person when i left that office. So dont woory I dont go back for another 4weeks so i dont thing there would be anything to worry about or he would have been trying to see me sooner or running mor tests or something right. So dont worry just be happy and im sure we'll be fine. O.K.


crystal - March 1

i had my first prenatal visit last friday. i had a exam done and i also got to get a ultrasound which i heard my baby's heart beat and it showed the baby was 6 weeks and 1 day.


Tara M - March 2

Hi cyrstal that amzing because it states in my preg book that the heatbeat is able to be heard at 10 weeks. That early wow.


Julie - March 2

Had my first official visit today at 8 weeks. Did v____al u/s and saw baby and Dr. said Heartbeat looked good. Everything else looked good too. Did exam and bloodwork. Good luck to you all.


sara - March 2

I went at 6 weeks. I think maybe because i am an established patient ..maybe..


Kristina - March 2

Thanks Tara, I feel a little better. Glad everything is going good for you. my next visit is next Wed. I will just wit patiently until then.


Kelly - March 2

I just went in for my first visit which consisted of confirming my pregnancy with a urine test, filling out a bunch of forms and doing some blood tests. My first prenatal visit with the Dr. is this Tuesday...will I have an u/s that day? Also, how do I know exactly how far along I am? My last period was around 1/15 which the nurse would make me 6wks. But it was very light and I read that that could mean you are already pregnant. Does the blood test or the u/s confirm how far along you are? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Heather - March 3

DONT LET HIM DO A PAP SMEAR! mine gave me an infection from this and caused unneccesary worry.


Brandi - April 14

I am going to the doctor this upcoming monday! I'm not quite sure what they will do, but reading everyone else's answer has gave me a good idea, i think that i am only 8 wks. but i feel like i am already showing, did yall?



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