First Doctor Visit 8 Weeks

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Nick - January 12

I had my first doctor's appointment yesterday at 9 weeks and was very dissapointed. I read that the first appointment is supposed to be the longest and they would take medical history and give you lots of info. My appointment lasted exactly 5 minutes, I was very rushed and got no information. It was also with the nurse pract_tioner(she is new and I am going to request the other one becuase I was very unhappy with the way she treated me. My next appointment is with the other nurse pract_tioner in 4 weeks. When am I going to see the doctor? Am I expecting too much?


chrissy - January 12

no your not... your right.... with my sonat my first visit we talked and discussed my history and what my plans were and what they rest of my first would be like.. what to eat what to not eat and etc... but i went to the doc the other day and he did nothing... was very rushed had a cold bedside manner and told me nothing... i asked when would he try to hear a heartbeat and he said not till mayube next time and then no u/s until i was 22 weeks or more... well bullb___ter, i choose another doc... you dont have to stick with the first doc you see.... you have to see these people every month then every week and then their the ones whose going to be in the delivery room with you.. you want to feel comfortable like a friend.. someone you trust....


Nick - January 12

I have been seeing these doctors for years and I was very happy with the nurse pract_tioner, but she retired about six months ago. I don't like this new one they hired. My friend thinks I should call the office and complain about her. My friend goes to the same doctors, but has never encountered this women. She signed me up for a sonogram at nine weeks(I wish I would have asked her why) Don't most people have one half way through unless there is a problem.


mishelle - January 12

I went to see the Dr at 6 weeks and got the same thing, had a blood test that was it, the books I have been reading I thought they where suppose to weigh you and check things out. I went to see the second Dr and she was the same only when I asked what now she told me nothing really as you could miscarry. Which has been stressing me since. I finally went to another dr and she finally book he into the specialst at 11 weeks my first scan.


chrissy - January 12

it just depends on the doc and ins.. on what they can and what they will do... if you get a old doc who is honestly done it all seen it all... he's not thrilled for you and he could careless... he just wants you in and out his office as quickly as possible so he can charge you for a full visit and only talk to you for 5 mins... or there are the docs that bring you back and they talk your ear off and go over evrything... just to make you the paying customer!! happy and comfortable... this is your money your spending... and would you give that kind of money to someone who's not even into you as a person and your new baby..( which is a very big deal ) i dont know.... i like my docs to be friendly and remember me and want to let me hear the heart and want me to see my baby... and discuss all the pros and cons... and all the new changes in my body.. so i'm not laying at home freaking out... about this or that..


mishelle - January 12

Very true first dr was old and when I asked him what now he told me nothing much just rest look after yourself. Not feaking out with the changes more to there isnt much change, not sick, b___bs hurt and a larger and sleeping very well. But like my sister told me I am only 8 weeks so wait a while things will change. Keep smiling.


Aida - January 13

Oh you scared me now! I'm going to first appointment on 27. Jan and I hoped that will go great and I will have the ultrasound and all checks and Dr will talk to me. This is my first pregnancy and on 27. I will be in 8th week. Well, I don't know what to expect now! Does it matter wheter Dr is female or male? I asked for a female Dr, guessing she would understand me better! Anyway I'm scared now!


Katharine - January 13

I had two appointments. One with a nurse who took a medical history and the next with the NP who did an exam (didn't have to have a pap, since I just had one), blood tests and she gave me loads of reading material-what to and not to eat and do, magazines, a few samples, etc. I saw the dr. for my 12 wk appt and basically got 5 minutes-she answered questions and we heard the heartbeat. Next time I see the NP again. With my first pregnancy, it was a lot less detailed and I felt very ill-informed and received little information-"Take your prenatal vitamin and dont' drink or smoke..." I was thinking about switching to a midwife to get more personal attention and to be able to get to know the person who will deliver my baby. Unfortunately, if I switch now, I will have to make my insurance co-payment again.


Nick - January 13

I called the office cause I started to wonder about the sonogram next week. The same NP that I didn't like got on the phone and said she just wants to make sure the baby is in the uterus. That scared me! I asked why she thought it wasn't in the uterus and she said they are doing this with all the patients now. I don't know wheather to believe her or if she saw something wrong. my friend goes to the same office and didn't have one until 20 weeks.


mdb - September 27

Nick...Why don't you want to have a sonogram? I'm going in for my first appointment today (9 wks) and am hoping for a sonogram!! Don't think something is wrong just because they're doing that. Doctors in the same office may do things differently.


jb - September 27

NICK- This is my first time being pregnant, and I have not actually had my first "pregnancy" visit yet, but was told by the doctor that my first visit would be long and involved. I actually went to the ob-gyn two days ago for my regular yearly physical, and told her I was ttc, and then I come home only 24 hours later to find out i'm pregnant. yes, your visit seems a little short, if you dont feel like you got the info you and say you would like to know more, and you dont feel comforitable walking away with only a 5 min. visit.



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