First Doctors App Question

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ry - October 26

Hey girls! I am upset because my first doctors app isnt until December 3rd. My due date is July 1st. How did you all get in sooner? With my dd I went in early because I was bleeding and again because I had severe hyperemesis. Dec 3rd seems sooooo far away. It almost doesnt feel like I am "really" pregnant until I go to the dr. Does anyone else have to wait that long?


Cevvin - October 26

Your first appointment doesn't need to be until after your 8th week. Some of the ladies here go early because they have extreme concerns or have fertility problems. If you feel fine, then just wait. Im 13 weeks pregnant and dont feel it yet either. I went in at 6 weeks with my last due to complications. Just relax and enjoy your prengnacy. And not having to spend the countless hours waiting in the office for the doc.


EricaG - October 26

Hey Ry! How many weeks will you be at your first appointment? With my first I didn't get an appointment until 10 weeks because all was well. With this on I was in early because of a follow-up from the E.R. and then I had another one because I was having diarrhea and she wanted to make sure it wasn't anything to worry about. My first real planned appointment with the doctor isn't until next monday and I will be 10 weeks. I'd say just wait and if you feel great then you can wait until Dec. 3. If, you're having cramping or bleeding or anything then call and they'll probably get you in sooner.


fefer1 - October 26

My doctor doesn't usually see anyone until 10 weeks - this time it was earlier because I was scheduled for my annual visit anyways.


Gemini_Girl - October 27

Hi I know how you feel - you just want confirmation! I like in UK and found out when I was 8wks my doc seen me straight away and then he didnt even do anything said there was no need to re do urine test as my 2 pos HPT were enough! booked me in for screening blood test with the midwife. I didnt get HCG tests or anything like that, I was so anxious at my 12wks scan there woud be nothing there - but of course there was :) Im sure you will be fine too!



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