First Dr Appointment ANY ADVICE

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caitlin - April 6

Hello! I am 8 weeks and 5 days-first pregnancy. I have my first dr appointment in a few hours and I don't know why but I AM SO NERVOUS! I can't seem to ease my mind that everything will be ok. I don't know what to expect. I took 7 hpt all positive and my last period was 2/4-but I don't know why I am so scared to go to the dr. Any advice? Has anyone else felt this way? I haven't really experienced morning sickness-I am just tired alot- is that normal? I am freaking out and making my husband nervous now!


D - April 6

It will be okay! My first appt was at 5w, and they did paperwork, checked my blood pressure and scheduled me for an u/s and bloodwork the next day. The next appt at 7w was just a u/s - and my doc normally schedules a routine pap exam for the second appt. The main thing I have to remember to be ready for is to pee in a cup. Just don't empty your bladder before you go! Really! its not a big deal. They asked me about my diet, made sure I was on vitamins, my excercise habits - all the basic stuff so that they have a good idea of my general health.


caitlin - April 6

D- thanks for answering. Is this your firs? how far are you along now? they do blood work at this practice so should I be prepared for them to do that today at 81/2 weeks? This is also a new doctor!


Angela - April 6

Caitlin, I'm 6weeks, and I'm going on my first appointment Tuesday the 12th. I never knew I could be this crazy. Thanks for the good question. I hope all is well with you! Good luck.


Misty - April 6

They did blood work on my first visit. Your doctor will do a pap smear at some point, I don't know if it will be the first visit though. And depending on your doctor you will probably pee in a cup at every visit. So definately take D's advice and don't empty your bladder before you go. And you don't really have to worry about remembering any questions to ask, just ask about things that you don't understand while s/he is talking to you. Also, relax, you really don't have anything to be worried about, they aren't going to do any torturous tests or anything. :-) Good Luck.



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