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Michelle - June 25

Help! My name is Mich__le and I am 23 and pregnant with my first. I am currently living in Japan with my fiance for work until September. I am going home for a month and I have made my first appt. for July 25th, is this to long to wait, I am 7 weeks pregnant and I will be around 11 weeks at my first appt.


Tiffany - June 26

It seems most people have their first appointments between 10-12 weeks so 11 weeks is fine. Some people, myself included, go in earlier. I will have had 4 visits by 12 weeks but my doctor is awesome. You should be fine at 11 weeks


delia - June 27

I am 8 weeks today and my first doctor appointment was 4 days ago. Unfortunately, nothing happened at visit and my next visit at the end of July will be the bloodwork, ultrasound, etc. so you are okay to wait.


Lia - June 27

You'll be fine. Just make sure you're taking your prenatal vitamins.


Jennifer - June 28

I have my first Dr. appointment at 7 weeks.


An - June 28

I was wondering if anyone going to the doctor for the first time was worried about "grooming" in the downstairs area? I know this probably isn't a regular question but I've never been to a female doctor before and now since I'm pregnant I need to know


to An - June 28

i think that is a very individual thing. if you normally groom then i would do it. I do, and i always make sure i groom before i go in. I am sure we will not be so worried about it the further along we are, with huge bellies in the way to do the appropriate grooming!!!! good luck


Baby Doll - July 1

You'll be fine. With my 2nd pregnancy I didn't even know I was pregnant until 16 weeks. That is when I had my first doctors appt. With my third pregnancy I was almsot 5 months when I seen the doctor. I have a history of bleeding while pregnant. I kept bleeding throughout. Just drink plenty of fluids and take your iron pills (pre-natal vitamins.


Michelle - July 1

Thanks Ladies!!! It helps a lot just to have other opinions.



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