First Dr S Appointment

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Marie - November 17

I found out on 11/13 (via 2 hpt's) that we are having our first child. I tried to make a dr's appt the next day and was told they wouldn't be able to see me until 11/21. I saw my primary dr and he confirmed via blood test (no hcg count). According to online my due date is 7/12 and I am currently in week 6, day 2. Can anyone tell me what I should expect from my first Dr visit and if I should bring my husband w/me?


Hi Marie - November 17

I am 6wks today and due July 19th. Congrats!! My first dr. appt. is Tues 11/22.. I've heard alot of women on here say that they had their first u/s between 5-7 weeks. So if I were you I'd take my hubby just because you are probably going to want to share with him seeing the heartbeat for the first time!


Britt - November 17

Hey there, I found out yesterday by two hpt that I'm having my second. My doctors appointment is also on 11-21. You can expect a pelvic exam. It's way too early to hear the heartbeat via doppler. Good luck, with my first, I heard his heartbeat at 10 weeks. I'm kind of scared about this symptoms, just a missed period. I will be bringing my hubby with me. Hope all goes well, keep us updated!


Steph - November 17

My first doc's appt is the 21st as well. I am hopeful to get a u/s to see the heartbeat and make sure that all is well...I'd bring your husband with you just in case if he has any questions he would like to speak to the doctor about and you should call your doc's office and ask if they do u/s at 6 weeks...I'm gonna take my own advice and ask the same!! Good luck to you and let us know how it went!!


Jamie - November 17

I had my doc appointment for the 21st but it got moved today. I took the dh with me and glad I did. We got to see and hear the heartbeat and it was so amazing. They did a 3-d ultrasound on one of the pictures so you can see a little bit of whats going on. I got an ultra sound down about 6 wks and didn't see anything but the sac and the egg.


Nicki - November 17

I am 11 1/2 weeks and have been to 2 appts. My husband went to both appts with me. The 1st we met the nurse pract_tioner, got weighed, gave blood, blood pressure and a urine sample. She gave us reading material and went over any questions we had. Painless. Appt 2 we had an internal ultrasound and got to see the baby moving and saw the little heartbeat. That was also painless!! I was afraid it may be umcomfortable, but it wasn't at all. It was actually fun and amazing to see the baby moving. You have nothing to worry about! Congratulations and good luck!! You'll be in my prayers!


jag - November 17

I'm due on July 22nd for my first. My first doctor appt is Dec 2 (I'll be 7weeks). I didn't want to book too early, figured there was nothing to see/do (plus 1 m/c at 6wk in april). Is this o.k.? Should I bring dh, will we hear a heartbeat?


To Jaq - November 18

I am due Juone 23rd, i had my first doctors appointment this week,i am 9 weeks i was weighed, took blood,urine and explained what would happen, they gave me a number to book a scan for 12 weeks at the hospital, they didn't listen for a heartbeat all this is done later on. I didnt take DH but only because there was nothing to see/hear, he'll be at the scan,


Marie - November 18

I did call my dr's office and there is a "possibility" I will have an u/s that night. My dh and I dec'd that he wouldn't come to this first appt - my dr is an hour away from our house (moving to his office closer to home after this appt!) and there is no guarantee on the u/s.



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