First Pg Ended In A Miscarry And Now I Am Abot 5 Weeks

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LAURA84 - February 21

I am scared to dealth. My husband is so happy and i feel horiible for being the way i am.I dont want to loose another and not have a nswer why.I lost my first when i should have been 12 week but they said i was only about 8 weeks and there was no heart beat.I need help my mind is going nuts.I want a happy healthy child just as everyone else. They keep saying i am young but that doesnt matter to me.


Punkin - February 21

The wait game is the hardest ever! I am 5 weeks too, and although I didn't have a previous m/c for some reason I am really nervous too! When is your due date, and have you had your first Dr. appt?


debbie80 - February 21

Laura- I know how you feel. I have had 2 m/c before and I found out on x-mas that was expecting again. I did have some bleeding during the first two weeks but now everything is just fine and I am going on 13 weeks! The first trimester was very hard for me to get through...just not knowing what is going on with your little one...just try to keep positve thoughts...I knew this one was a keeper, it just felt different from my last ones...good luck to you =)


LAURA84 - February 21

Its just crazy my husband last time was nervous nails lol and this time he said he feels everything is fine i almost dont trust my thoughts becaseu i thought everything was fine the first time we were just going to make sure thats how fair along i was and then she just had to turn around and say i am was my first pg and i think its really did its toll. now i am just scared to dealth there is so much that could go wrong. Through my insurabnce you have to have a blood test done first so i am doing that next monday and i hope they can get me in asap but they did tell me all the docs are booked and the are now double booking them. so now even more stress. see i never had mring sickness with my first my chest was sore about two weeks before i found out i was pg and the same so chest has been sore but nothing else i am tired more now then ever but i was then to i hate compairing the two becaseu you never know and i was told that there is really only about a 1 % chance of a second miscarrage but it still scares me


Belief - February 21

OMG - Laura, I am around 5 weeks too and I just posted under another thread that my husband feels very confident about this one. I m/c three months ago (6 wk 3 d heartbeat stopped/ didn't find out until 9 wks) had a really horrible dream last night, much like I had after I miscarried but didn't know it. So I woke up really nervous. I have no symtpoms other than a bit of queasiness but it subsides if I sit or eat something small. My stomach growls a lot, but I feel everything in my throat. I, too, just want a happy healthy normal child. Good luck and say a prayer


LAURA84 - February 21

i really feel bad for saying this but i am kinda happy i am not the only one that has this problem its sounds so crule to me to say it but it is kinda a releif i shal say a pray for every women out there that is having a hard time. my husband keeps telling me everything will be fine but how does he know.i asked god to keep my child safe last time and i know he did but i ment keep my child safe with me


Belief - February 21

I was the only one in my circle of friends who had a m/c and in my family. I also live 1500 miles away from anyone who really knows me. One of my friends from back home told me to find a forum where I could talk with other people about the same issues. I agree, Laura, it's nice to have a circle where their is a common understanding of loss, appreciation of life, and hope for all things positive. My husband has had a heart and kidney transplant and has wanted children for so long. With the first pregnancy, he told everyone and their dog. I felt like the biggest failure when I lost the child. He has rea__sured me that it was not in God's plan for us at that time and that he certainly feels like it is meant to be this time.


Carly0326 - February 21

I am so glad that I found a group of women that is going through the same thing that i am. I was 6 1/2 weeks and found out that I had m/c. I too felt like I let my husband down and ALL the people that we had told. We just found out last week that I am now 8 weeks. I am excited but at the same time I am extremly nervous. I have already gone for one u/s and I go for another on next tuesday. So my preyer are with all of you and once again I am so excited that I found someone to talk to....


Belief - February 21

Carly - Congratulations! do you remember what the heartbeat was? With my first it was 103 at 6wks, but stopped at 6 wks 3 days. I'm so scared to go to the doctor so soon b/c if the heartbeat is low I am going to presume it will not survive. I barely have any symptoms. My left b___st is kinda sore, more like a bruise sore than a really hurting sore. LOL....does that make any sense? Anyway, keep us informed!!!


LAURA84 - February 21

congrats to all that have new one at this point it is devestating i scared to even have an u.s that when i found out was my first us.i want all us to keep positive and happy this should be a great day and next 9 months in ours lives so let it be. thanks you everyone for all yoru help. i am starting to feel a little better already and hope you all do to


Carly0326 - February 21

With my first m/c I did not have an u/s so I am not sure what the heartrate was. With this one, I had an u/s done at 6wks 6 days and they said it was too soon to hear a heartbeat. So that is why they are sending me again next tuesday. I am nervous, but excited. I have been sick for over a week now.My bbs are really hurting and I have had a couple of really bad headaches. Besides that I have been really tired.


Belief - February 21

Happy Positive Thoughts! That's a good motto to have at this point. I'll be thinking about everyone and will say an extra prayer tonight when I go to Ash Services.


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

Carly Im hoping for the best for you! My story is much you ladies I had my missed m/c in May 2006 I was suppose to be 11 weeks 1 day but baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 6 days (no heartbeat detected). I got pregnant right away and than had a chemical pregnancy in june. I am currently 24 weeks and 3 days preggers with another little boy and he is doing fine and I had some bleeding and cramping during the first and 2nd tri. I am still nervous as can be but everything is going terrific, me and DH are on cloud 9 that we will finally have the final member of our family.


tk07 - February 22

hey everyone! i am about 9 weeks now and scared to death of having something happen. i m/c last april about 6 weeks along and i have been a wreck this time. i have even had 2 u/s so far and everything is good, but that still doesn't make me feel better! i don't have another appt for almost 3 weeks! that is so long! my Dr didn't make me wait until the 8-10 wks to come in for the first u/s since i had a loss before, you all should ask about that. and it made me feel better at first when i got my blood drawn and my levels were really good. i want to go back the the Dr every week just to check!!! my husband has been real confident this time too, but last time i always thought somethiing was going to happen and this time i really don't but i still get really nervous not knowing. good luck and i hope everyone has a healthy 9 months!


Belief - February 22

Downbutnotout -- I have a question about chemical pregnancies. I am obviously late and took two HPTs which came back positive. I have only been queasiness and the only soreness has been in my left b___st -which has been very very slight. This morning, I took another HPT b/c I didn't wake up a bit queasy yesterday or this morning. The test came back negative. I cried all through my shower and am now wondering if it was a chemical pregnancy. No bleeding, spotting or cramps, just normal discharge. My husband wants answers but I'm so disappointed that I can't give him any - mainly b/c I don't know anything myself. I'm also RH neg. and will I have to get the Rhogam shot if it was just a chemical pregnancy? I'm sorry to be asking some many questions, but I feel like a huge failure right now and just don't understand what is going on. I know I need to go to the doc but haven't called.


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

Belief where you using the same brand of pregnancy test? Some tests pick up different levels of HCG hence causing some + and some -. A chemical pregnancy, from what I understand, is when the egg doesnt implant properly in the uterine wall. Alot of women would get a + on a HPT before af is due and than when af is due they would have there period. Or you start to bleed a week or two after af is due and it is heavier and all around different (clots, cramps, etc). take care


Belief - February 24

All three HPT were First Response. I tested after I missed my period by 3 days. Then I tested after another 4 days. I did go to the doc and he said it was probably a chemical pregnancy. So, my hubby and I are back to trying again.



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