First Pregnancy Help

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emma1 - January 8

Ok so i found out yesterday im pregnant, a home test was used. Though i had symptoms before but seriously didnt believe it was me pregnant. So anyway ive been online reading about first trimester and the do's and donts and what u should take etc. Thing im completely scared off is the blood dest on the first appointment with the doc, ive never had a bllod test in my life, my mum has had many and she always says it hurts, does it really hurt that bad? is it really needed? cant they just take blood from my finger? lol Also im worried about the whole check down below and doc seeing the size of things, does it hurt when they use for things to open up the walls of ur lower bits? lol sorry im seriously getting more and more nervous the more i read about it


Deb - January 8

You've never had a blood test? Have you never had a pap test either???? Believe me, the blood test and pap test won't hurt half as bad as labor and delivery. You'd better get used to pain now, because you're going to have lots of appointments along the way.


emma1 - January 8

No ive never had a blood test or a pap test, but do they hurt alot? a lil?


elizabeth - January 8

Emma- I draw blood almost everyday ( i work in a dr's office) Getting your blood drawn usually just feels like a tight pinch- once the needle is in usually you can't feel it. The tourniquet they use is usually the most uncomfortable part. ( it's like a giant rubberband they put around the top of your arm to help your vein pop up)Don't look- and make sure you eat before your appt.- Breath - it's usually pretty quick. The fear of not knowing is what scares most patients. Pap smears can be a little uncomfortable- relaxing is the key - Since you're definately s_xually active it won't be so bad. Make sure your comfortable with your docter. I've a__sisted in several pap smears and for us to see down there is like looking at any other part of the body ( like the knee) It shouldn't hurt but may feel funny since youv'e never had a pelvic before. It will be ok- try the best to relax- you'll do great.


tanya w - January 10

blood tests aren't all that bad. i just had 11 vials drawn of Friday and actually I didn't even feel it. The bandaid always does more damage and leaves a worse mark on me. As far as the pap.... It can be a little embara__sing if you've never had it done before but not all that painful.



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