First Pregnancy After A Miscarriage

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mnakats - February 17

Hi... This is my first pregnancy after having a miscarriage about 6 months ago. I am currently at my 8.5 week mark and this is where I had the previous miscarriage... I feel very anxious and worried... I have a lot of nausea (using Diclectin for it), I've currently finished battling a cold (which I used Halls lozenges to get rid of), and now my migraines are starting to flare... I don't want to take anything for this but anyone have any home remedies? And should I be worried at this stage or should I take my strong symptoms as a good sign? Any ways to get rid of the angst? Thanks.


tk07 - February 17

hi! we are in the same boat almost! this is my first after a m/c and i am also about 8.5 wks. i can't tell you how to get rid of the angst, every week i have a new worry! have you had your first u/s yet? i have had 2 and they help a little. and i would say morning sickness is a good sign! i know that my boss goes to the chiropractor for her migraines... i don't know if that helps at all. what is your due date?


sahmof3 - February 17

My first pregnancy was a m/c. When I was pregnant with my son I had bleeding at 10 weeks... same week that I had m/c'd. That was stressful!!! He was ok, but because of that I don't have any advice about calming down. As tk07 said, u/s's are rea__suring! I've had 3 healthy babies since my m/c... maybe that will give you some hope?...


DownbutnotOUT - February 17

I had a missed m/c I lost the baby at 11 weeks 1 day and the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 6 days. I panicked when I pa__sed each one of those times with this pregnancy. I have a wrist problem and I am in excruitiating pain alot of the time and I have been taking tylenol xstrength for this problem since I was about 4-5 weeks. I currently take 2-3 tylenol a day and it was okd by my dr's and it is on the safe list of drugs you can take during pregnancy. Also my little wee one is healthy as can be so I would say if it gets too bad take even half a tylenol just to help ease the pain. take care


debbie80 - February 17

mnakats- I have had two m/c before in the past year and I am currently 12 weeks prego right now. This pregnancy has been hard for me at first because I did have some bleeding..actually for 17 days it was and my little one is just fine right now. I saw him/her on the ultrasound yesterday and let me tell ya..very active little one with a strong heart beat of 162. I think once you get out of the first trimester you will be able to relax and start enjoying this wonderful journey. I am still worried almost every day but by me seeing my littl one yesterday, it did give me hope that things are going to be just fine. Keep your head up..if you have concerns, just ask your doctor for a ultrasound....and oh yea, I have been sick for the past 4 days!! I hate the fact that I can not really take anything for it....good luck to you =)


mnakats - February 17

Thank you to everyone who answered my post. You have given me so much rea__surance. My first pregnancy was so easy - no morning sickness, playing sports until 4 months - it was great. But since my m/c I've had so many concerns. But to get your input/support is very helpful. Thank you so much.


akmomma - February 20

I am also in the wondering boat! I TRY to relax by taking a luke warm bath.



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