First Pregnancy And Worried About M C

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Young and Worried - March 1

I am nine weeks. My symptoms at about 5 - 8 weeks were nausea, (some, but little) vomiting, slightly swollen br___ts and tender nipples, tiredness and slight pulling in the abdomen. Now I am not vomiting but maybe once this week, nausea isn't too bad, br___ts are still swollen and nipples still a bit tender, still tired but not as much and no pulling feeling, just a little firm a few inches below my belly button (but then again I worked out alot before I was pregnant). Is it normal for the symptoms to begin to fade at this point? I am so worried because I was told by one person that the pre-natal vitamins can make the symptoms less noticable and make you feel better, and then told by another person that it means miscarriage. Someone please give me some advice. i go to the Dr's tomorrow, but I am climbing the walls with worry!!!!!


Heidi - March 1

I wouldn't worry about it. Your morning sickness is probably subsiding. Consider yourself lucky! I started getting them at about 5 weeks and they subsided about two weeks later. Now I don't have them that bad and I'm almost at 7 weeks. They'll probably come back! I swear the prenatal vitamins make me sicker. I'm sure your doc will tell you everything is normal at your appt tomorrow. Good luck and don't worry! Remember, everyone's pregnancy is different so try not to compare too much.


Deb - March 1

I am 10 1/2 weeks and my symptoms began fading at 9 weeks as well. I was worried to but my mother in law who has had 3 boys said that it just means (most of the time) that your hormones are leveling out from the intial shock of being pregnant. Not all women are that luck but some of us are. I wouldn't worry because I went to the doc last week and they said that my m/i/l could be right and that I may just be one of the lucky ones that don't have alot of symptoms. Maybe you are just like me. Just keep taking it easy for a few more weeks and you should be alright. Just think 3 more weeks and a little less to worry about.



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