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missy - November 29

Today I had my first prenatal Dr's appointment and I have to say I was expecting a lot more. I filled out some paper work, not much in my opinion. Then wanted me to pee in a cup but I couldnt for the life of me. The mid-wife did a pap test and what she called a culture. I'm not sure if this counts as an internal exam but she (sorry if tmi) put her fingers inside and pressed down on my stomach. They weighed me and that was pretty much it. Then we sat in her office and she asked more questions and gave me a referral for a nutritionist and a sonogram and a perscription for some prenatal vitamins.They gave me a bunch of baby magazines and samples. Then they sent me for some blood work. I asked her if one of the blood tests were for hcg levels and she said the hcg doesnt really matter cuz the sonogram well tell me how far along i am. I was like huh? I'm not sure if i'm just putting too much thought into it but i was kinda expecting more. Was I just expecting too much?


Dia - November 29

I think that is pretty standard...I go for my first appt on Monday and I am already 12 weeks and STILL haven't had an appt, but they told me basically what you had done will happen. Except, I will have an ultrasound to see the baby and hear the heartbeat. How far along are you?


Steph - November 29

That's what happened to me at my first appt as well except I had a u/s. This is my second pregnancy and I have never been told what my hcg levels are nor my progestrone levels, but I also never asked. Also, there's not a whole lot more that they can do, but your subsuquent appointments will be much more interesting.


missy - November 29

i guess i was just over a___lyzing. I'm 8 weeks along. the nurse wanted to to schedule me for a sonogram tomorrow but the midwife said it was too soon and made her reschedule for next week. I was so dissappointed.


Nita - December 1

Mine was pretty much the same (including the pee part! ;) and also had an ultrasound. Got to hear the baby's heartbeat and actually see the little pea-pod!! it was an amazing experience. The frustrating part was i was scheduled for a friday, which they moved to monday. then when we showed up on monday, they messed up the time of my appt!! so had to reschedule for wed or so. We were disappointed as we were waiting to let our parents know once we had the confirmation that the baby was fine. When did you tell your parents, friends, coworkers etc?


Stephanie - December 1

With my 5 boys I never had any levels checked and didn't get an u/s until 18 wks or if they thought something was wrong. I've had 5 m/c's in the last 3 yrs so now I have u/s's early. I got to see heartbeats on a couple early u/s's but lost the babies after 6.5 wks. So things must be looking good for you and soon enough you will get to see your baby.


missy - December 1

we havent told yet. want to see the heartbeat first.


Nans - December 8

Hi Ladies i just want to ask you regarding 1st prenatal appointment...i'm already 5 weeks pregnant....found out 5 days ago and called up dr for appoint. they gave me a schedule of jan 12..that is almost 1 month from now. Do i really have to wait that long for 1st visit...i'll probably 9-10 weeks by that time. Is that ok?


elkay - December 8

Hello everyone. I too have my first visit with the doc on the 23rd. I just found out on Monday and they said my hcg levels meant I was around 2-3 weeks. I didn't know what all would happen at the first visit b/c it is so early. I had one m/c in October so I'm freaking out over every cramp. Thank you, missy, for explaining what all happens at the fist visit. It was very helpful.


Marie - December 12

Hi ladies....I am 8 weeks 2 days and I had my first prenatal appt. last Monday. Had to pee in a cup, fill our paper work, and do a blood panel, where they screen/test you for everything under the sun. I haven't heard anything back from then, so am I safe to a__sume everything is fine?????


Lady - December 12

this is missy, changed the name =). when i get tests and such done at the dr they always say they'll call me with the results if anything is wrong and if they dont call then everything is fine. hope that helps Marie and to Nans i hear a lot of drs wont schedule a first prenatal appointment until the risk of miscarriage is lower which is around 12 weeks


amber - December 12

Normal first appointment..... however i didnt have my first U/S until 18 weeks best of luck



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