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Chris23 - May 12

I have my first appointment next week and am sort of nervous because I don't know what to expect. I have read a few posts from people explaining what it was like for them but I think that these may have been American. It would be great if someone else from Canada/Ontario could share what it was like for them. Thanks!


sarahbaby11 - May 12

i'm from america but i would guess they would be the same. at the initial prenatal visit they usually have you pee in a cup to check you hcg level. then they will measure you and if they haven't already give you a due date. at this visit they will also ask you for family background info like cancer, twins, miscarriages, illnesses. things of that sort. just so they can see what might be herediatary for you and the baby. also they will ask if you have any questions so think of anything you may want to know.


shesdymed - May 14

i have a question, how do u set up ur own appointment and what do u need before u get there? my mom doesnt know yet that im pregnant but i do want to make my first appointment on my own amd i only want the father of the baby there. please help me :\


BriannasMummy - May 15

Im not from Ontario, However i am from Canada, New Brunswick in fact. This is what they did at my first prenatal visit: they got me to pee in a cup, to do their in office test, they checked my stomach, and they gave me an internal to check my cervix. My doctor also set up first prenatal bloods, testing for a bunch of things. He also got my prior history, how many pregnancies ive had, any miscarriages, n e twins , etc. He gave me a due date, and told me to start taking my prenatal vitamins right away. Its a pretty simple appointment, and it gets a lot of the pretty important information out there. Shesdymed: all you have to do is call your family doctor, and ask him to make an appointment (this is normal practice in canada, not sure about USA) You dont need anything before you get there, all you have to do is tell your doctor about your impending pregnancy, and he\she will go from there. Good Luck!!!!!



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