First Sign Of Pregnancy

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jamie - May 17

what is the first sign of pregnanacy?


YellowBear - May 17

Hey Jamie the first and most reliable sign of pregnancy is a missed period, thereafter look out for sore and sensitive b___sts and maybe some nausea


Heidi - May 17

I knew before I missed my period. My b___bs started to ache more than they would before my period came. I also felt a little nauseous after I ate dinner at night. I got symptoms like 7 days before my period was due and I took an early home pregnancy test and it was positive.


KIM - June 23



LATOYA - June 23



Evy - June 23

Latoya, possible but not very probable. It all depends if your period is from ovulation or something else (high estrogen, etc.) If you are regular though that probably not.


Jennifer - June 24

Sore b___sts and feeling very tired. I thought I was anemic or something because I was dog tired all day long, every day, Turns out I was pregnant.


sarah - June 26

well i got my bfp ..2 days ago at 11 dpo and my symptoms were,,sore bb's ga__sy off balance if i moved around too much..good mood spurts. ..urge to paint rooms!! and early waking late bedtime,,kind of insomnia! got up at 3.50 am the other morning to take test and ease a sore scratchy throat with hot lemon and honey!!hmmmm


Ca__sie - June 27

My first symptom was a missed period... but I had just gotten off the pill the previous month and I thought my cycle wasn't quite right yet. So, the missed period didn't phase me... but the MOOD SWINGS did. My grouchiness was my first sign. :-)


hopenotamommy - August 10

I am 18 i have never been on the pill. My b/f and I had s_x and we didnt use a condom at first but then after about 30 seconds he put on a condom. My periods are off but I dont know how much. I thought I was sopposed to be on the 7th but its the 10th and my nipples are sore. Ive been stressed lately because I have never felt anything like this before. Could I be pregnant?


Ohiocountrygirl - August 12

How many times do you s_x before you get pregnant, not using codums?


Tamara - August 12

Mine was mood swings and very slight nausea...I took hpt 4 days before next af due and tada...POSITIVE! So, you can feel it before your missed period...everyone is quite different. Goodluck.


Mary - August 12

I took my hpt 3 days before my missed period and I got a bfp. My first symptom was cramping and that came shortly after ovulation, about 5 days I would say.


kia - September 19

I had s_x on saturday and we did'nt use protection and I am not sure if I am pregnant. My period isn't going to come until next month and I would like to know if there are certain symptoms and what if I don't have any symptoms. can I take an pregnancy test before my period day is due?



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