First Symptoms

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*Susan* - October 5

I just found out that I am 2-3 weeks pregnant, but I have not had any symptoms really...I mean I have had some mild cramping but my br___ts are not sore and I have not experienced any nausea. I have had a little bit of brown watery discharge....Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it really too early to have sore br___ts and nausea?


Linda - October 5

I'm almost six weeks pregnant, and I haven't had any symptoms yet myself. (except for slightly larger b___sts and very vivid dreams.) I've heard that some women sail through with no symptoms, and others have symptoms set in around 6-8 weeks. I really wish I would feel something just so I'd feel like things were on track. (I miscarried in June '05). When did others have their symptoms begin???


*Susan* - October 5

I am really bloated though...and have cramps at night....those are the only symptoms....have you had blood work done?? What was your pregnancy hormone level?


Kate - October 5

Hey ladies. I had almost no symptoms right up to the beginning of week 8. My b___sts were a little sore and I was emotional, but nothing else. Then all of a sudden, middle of week 8 when I thought I'd got away with it I developed "all day" sickness, and my b___sts have increased by three cup sizes and are incredibly painful! I don't really have any other symptoms though, so think I'm lucky. But at 6 weeks I didn't notice anything. Maybe if you're worried about your lack of symptoms you could speak to your doctor?


*Susan* - October 5

I am going to get my first ultrasound tomorrow! =) My pregnancy hormone level was around 1200 on tuesday....I am not really sure what that means.


Melissa - October 13

I am at 6 weeks, almost 7 and the only symptom I've had is being tired. Nipples appearance changed a bit. But other than that, no symptoms. And we did indeed confirm the pregnancy and got the heartbeat.



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