First Time Moms To Be Due In August

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boodahbaby - December 12

Just thought I would see how many of us are out there! This is my second pregnancy (1st was miscarriage this year very very early) after ttc for 4 years! Who else is doing this for the first time?


Hopeful3 - December 12

This is my third pregnancy, but I too miscarried the first two times. Even though they were first trimester miscarriages, I still have difficulty saying that this will be my first child. My husband and I have been ttc for almost 5 years, which after the second loss, I needed a break. After making peace with the past and accepting that everything happens for a reason, I conceived on the first month of trying!!! I am now 6 weeks, and this time I feel different. It's hard to explain, but you know it when you feel it.


bellybubble - December 12

Hey there! This is my first pregnancy and i am due on the 9 August! Very very very excited!! I am 5 weeks and 5 days and the only symptoms I am having at the moment are tiredness and cramping! I have only told family and close friends at the moment but I really want to shout it from the roof top! ha ha - and it is torture, but I am not buying anything till after the first 3 months! This is all very new to me and i am scared, excited, nervous and deliously happy all at the same time! ha ha


softbreeze200 - December 12

Hi gals! Me too..this is my second pregnancy. First ended in miscarriage this fall as well. But this time around everything is different. Ohhh and the nausea....uuhhggg havent actually gotten sick, but sometimes I think I would feel better if I did!! I just have a really good feeling about this one. I go for my first ultrasound next Wed and will be 7w4d. Pretty excited to see that little bomp,bomp,bomp! When are your due dates? I am due Aug 2. It is so great to be able to share with others!!


Hopeful3 - December 12

According to my lmp, I am due on Aug 6th, but I find out for sure on the 19th when I have my first u/s. I should be exactly 7 weeks. =)


anamariaflorencia - December 13

Hooray! I'm due in August too. This is my first pregnancy. I'm about 5 weeks depending on how you're judging it. I'm 16dpo today. So excited but scared for miscarriage. I felt cramps from 11dp to 14dpo but now they've stopped. :( I got an hcg test at 13dpo and it came back at 403. What do you think of that? Is that high? Some girls from another thread thought it was, but Dr's office said anything from 5 to 10,000 is normal for where I am in my pg.


filledwithfaith - December 13

Hi everyone. I am due Aug 7th, by the calc's you find on line. Because I did IUI I know it to be pretty acurate. I am 6wks 2days today and have u/s on the 19th. I will be exactly 7 weeks that day. I have hardly any symtoms other than I am exhausted and my bbs are swolen, but not sore any more which worried me. I have read so much on the net that I am paranoid that I will do to RE and they will tell me it is blighted ovum or no longer there. I know that this is just worrying and will change nothing, but I want to be a mom so bad and after 3 years of ttc and disapointment I find it hard to stay grounded. Thanks god for this foruma nd you ladies. It is nice to know that I have somewhere to vent and sound crazy. It sure helps.


filledwithfaith - December 13

oops, forgot to mention this is my first too.


Hopeful3 - December 13

I haven't actually been physically sick, but ohh the nausea is kicking my b___t!!!! I heard that preggy pops are good for this, but I haven't had time to go to my pharmacy yet. (I work 12-14 hours a day, 3 to 4 days a week). My bosses are great though!! They have already hired an extra person for our department, so I can go on maternity leave whenever I don't feel comfortable working anymore. At first I was insulted and felt like I was being replaced, but my boss a__sured me that my job would still be here after the baby was born. I know that I told them early, but I kind of had to, because I was having to shuffle my days because I was going to a specialist while ttc. So they knew I was trying before I ever got pregnant. Anyway, I hope that everyone is well. What are some of y'all doing to ease the morning sickness (mine is actually all day and night)? I honestly feel that vomiting would make me feel better, is that normal?


softbreeze200 - December 14

Hey hopeful... .l hear ya! Mine has been around for a few weeks now and me too have yet to actually throw up, but the nausea is brutal at times. I am having a hard time even with water! But yesterday they seemed to ease off abit, so maybe it wont be too long to deal with this. I have found plain cherrios help to just keep snacking on them all day. I havent tried the preggi pops but they have been recomended lots to me as well. Best of luck and I hope the nasuea gets better soon for you! COngrats!!


filledwithfaith - December 14

morning sickness hit me this morning I think. I was sitting at my desk at work and instantly knew I had to throw up. Luckily I made it to the bathroom but if this keeps up it will be difficult, as I have to go up a floor to get to the bathroom. It feels good to know all the hormones are a raging tough. Either that or I am gettinga flu, which would suck!


gabbysally - December 14

I'm due in August with our first little one. I actually stopped birth control like 2 months ago and got pregnant on probably the 3rd time we did it. I still can't believe it! I've had sore b___bs for like 1.5 months but really nothing else, I think I'm one of the lucky ones without morning sickness :) good luck to everyone!


hpowell8605 - December 15

I'm due August 15th. This will be my first time being a mom!! I am very excited but I want everything to be okay... I so nervous when I read about miscarriages because I've tried so hard to get pregnant. Thank God I haven't gotten nauseous. I do have some cramping, I am thirsty most of the time, and I'm quite hungry, and my b___bs are sore on and off. I crave hamburgers and french fries. I try to think positive but I think I will have some relief once I see the doctor. Has anyone went to their first prenatal visit? How was the experience?


ilirs - December 15

Hello everyone, I am happy to see this thread because I am also due around August 9 with my first pregnancy. I am very excited but scared at the same time. I have sore breat and feel so fatigued . I haven't gotten any morning sickness yet, however my biggest problem is constipation. Is anyone else dealing with that? Also I feel as I have gained almost 4 pounds already. Is this gain normal early in the pregnancy?


ilirs - December 15

In response to hpowell8605 I already had my first visit las week. I had a sonogram it was really cool to see a nutmeg in my belly. No heart beat yet, I have another appointment on 12/28. Got a lot of blood test to do. One of the first tests is the CF + HIV screaning, which I have an appoint at 12:00 today. I am a little nervous for the CF test because it determines if the parents carry the abnormal genes that cause CF, an inherited disease that affects breathing and digestion.


bellybubble - December 17

Hi all - well an update from me.... am now 6 weeks and 2 days (but whos counting haha) and apparently I AM going to have morning sickness! I thought maybe i wouldnt get any cause I had nothing thus far but it kicked in properly this morning! No actual vomiting but feeling really shady - kinda like I have had a night out with the girls - without actually getting to have the fun of having a night out with the girls - ha ha - any one got any advise for making the nausea go away a bit ????? :) Hope you are all doing GREAT!!!!


yumymumy - December 17

HI i just got my bfp from HPT today, and iv been on clomid and know when i Ovulated so i would be due 22nd august. im going for a blood test on wednesday but i guess im pregnant having 2 dark lines appear within seconds and it was a afternoon pee i tested on!!! this will be my 2nd pregnancy so am i still welcome in this thread im so excited iv been trying for 1 n half years!~!!!!!!! im so happy!



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