First Time Pregnant And A Little Scared

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chantill - December 28

I found out I was pregnant a week ago. I called the doc. and don't have an appointment until Jan 24th. So I sit here and wait. I don't know if I concieved in November or December. I had my period in Nov. but it was short and sweet which is not like how they are. So I was wondering if anyone has had their period the first month and any words of wisdom would be great!!


Been There - December 28

With both my first and second child, I had periods for about a couple of hours. When they didn't last more than that, I knew something was up, both times. Sine you're not sure, your doctor will probably send you for an ultrasound just to be sure they have the correct due date. Doctors don't normally want to see you until you are 8 weeks, so they are guessing from what you must have told them was your last period. They'll get it straightened out for you. Until then, just read up on what you should eat, not eat and other things to take care of yourself. For instance, after two prior pregnancies, I just learned that I should either not have or severely limit hot dogs. Which is kind of funny, considering I was just on a beef hot dog binge right before I got the BFP. I also learned I have to limit the tuna fish I sometimes I have a taste for. I would hope the doctor has already called in prenatal vitamins for you, so take them faithfully. Right now is a very crucial time in your baby's development. Get that folic acid, calcium and vitamins. Make sure you relax. Don't worry about the period. It happens sometimes.


elizabeth - December 30

I found out I was pregnant tues the 27th. ( urine test) I had a period early december but it wasn't normal- only 3 d instead of 5-7. Technacally i haven't " missed" a period yet. I'm due to start jan 1. I work in a dr's - a blood test confirmed my pregnancy but the level was low. So I still don;t know if I actually had a period in december and am barely 4 wks along or if my qaunt. level is just low, I had a "false " period and I am more like 5 wks along. My first ob appt is Jan 13. I'm very nervous- this is my first.


Chantill - January 4

Thamnk you both for the advice, it was good to hear what other people have went through


fefer1 - January 6

Hi ladies. My last normal period was Nov 14th (which was 2 weeks late) and then on Dec 1st I started bleeding again with mild cramps for 3 days. It was not anything like a normal period. About a week later I started getting really dizzy, nauseaus and VERY tired. The DR made me come in about mid December but I was not pregnant. They did a blood and urine test. She said it was just stress. I never had an early period in my life! Then, on Jan 2 I took a preg test because I got really upset at my poor husband which was really out of character..and it was positive! I was so excited I could hardly stand it. So I went back to the DR to get it confirmed and the quant_tative blood test said I was 5 weeks, making the December period my last normal one. They are doing an ultrasound next week just to be sure and then I can make my first prenatal appt. This is my first one and it is so scary! I never thought it would be! I'm excited of course, but a lot of emotions going on. I feel like I'm moving into true adulthood now, even though I'll be 32 next week! :)



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