First Time Pregnant Anyone Else

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heather - March 17

Hi name is 30 from ny....i am 7 weeks and 1 day due date is nov..2nd... this is so exciting and special!!! i have so many questions???? maybe we can all keep in touch the women around the same due date?


jessica - March 17

hi heather!! i'm jessica....32 from bc canada- my first in week 9- due oct 18-- scared and excited!


Heidi - March 17

Welcome! I'm 30 and due Oct. 20th. It's my first too. Sort of scary! I'm at 9 wks today. Ask away. Everyone is very helpful here. I've learned SOOO much on this forum. It's been a lifesaver.


D - March 17

I'm 30, its my first, we're in week 9, due Oct 15. The ladies here have kept me from panicking several times so far!


Beth - March 17

Hey there! I am pregnant with my first too! I am about six weeks along and loving evry minute of it (except the morning sickness) I am 26 and also from NY ( Long Island).


traci - March 17

Hi! I'm 30 and about 6 wks w/my 1st ! Would love to join you ladies.


elly - March 17

hi! i am 32 and 8 weeks along with my first, due Oct.27th. i'm glad to join in too.


annmarie - March 17

Hi. I'm Annmarie. I'm 29, from NY and pregnant with my first baby. I'm due Oct. 17th and am so excited!


annmarie - March 17

Hi girls. I'm Annmarie. I'm 29, from NY and pregnant withmy first baby. I'm due Oct. 17 and am so excited.


marley - March 17

Hey Everyone! Im Marley from Florida, Im 20 yrs and 8 weeks preggo! my fiance and I are so pumped!!


Kim - March 17

Hi everyone! I'm Kim and I'm also 30 (for another few weeks at least). I am due around 10/30, although I expect this date to vary a bit after my first appt. on 03/25. I live in Southern CA and my husband and I can't wait to be parents!


jessica - March 17

Look at all us 30 year old knocked up gals with our first!! i love it! I feel so supported - i was feeling old, thinking i didn't know anyone pregnant, its great to know we are all on this happy journey together!!


Sophie - March 17

Hi Heather, I am 26 from CA and am 6w2d preggo - this is my first one too! Due Nov 8th.


Heidi - March 18

Jessica - I know what you mean. All my friends had kids straight out of high school and my youngest neice is already 8! So I'm waayyyy behind. I encouraged my younger brother to start trying soon so we have two kids the same age growing up in our huge family since that's how all the other nieces and nephews came along to. In pairs it seemed. I want my kid to have a cousin close in age just like they all do! Otherwise I don't know anyone else who's having a baby right now where I live.


HI girls~!! - March 18

well im so glad i put up the many of you girls glad were all around 30 and preg for the first time...its great!!! i love it !!! very nervous thoguh i guess you would all agree worrying and praying everything goes well...everyone sadi dont ell people too early but i say tell everyone its a blessing


its heather!!! again~~ - March 18

how does this exactly work how do we all keep in touch do we just keep coming back to the ...t_tle that i wrote????


Kim - March 18

Heather, we can all keep coming back to the t_tle for now and always start a new thread when it gets too long. I am so glad that we are all around the same age, too. I think that a lot more women are having babies later in life. My sister-in-law just had the first baby in the family last October after trying for a couple of years. She is 34. What's so nice is that my brother and her are my only family out in CA and my baby is due about a year later. It'll be nice to have cousins so close in age.



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