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Adri - May 17

I'm ten weeks pregnant with my first baby and scared to death!! Don't get me wrong my husband and I are thrilled but its the scariest thing I've ever gone through. I'm going through so many changes both phisically and emotionally. I thought if I started this club than other first time mommies can share their fears and excitement with me. Good luck all on this incredible journy into mommyhood.


Jessie - May 17

I just found out today that I am due Christmas Day with baby #1. I too am scared out of my mind. My husband and I will be married two years next week. This was very unexpected I was on the pill. We both are thrilled at first it was shock. I have no idea what to expect and it scares me. I have my first US on Monday and that will help calm some fears at least for now. Congrats to all the new Moms!


Ca__sie - May 17

Adri, I'm 10 weeks with my first baby too! At first I was nervous about EVERYTHING, but now I've calmed down a lot. I know I'm doing what I should, with taking my prenatal vitamins, getting enough sleep, etc, so I've left the worries behind. I'm looking forward to a great rest of my pregnancy, though it will be great when I finally start looking pregnant. I mean, I feel pregnant and even am growing out of my pants, but to everyone else I must just look fat. I'm looking forward to going to a maternity store and looking for cute "mommy wear."


anu - May 17

hi this is my first and i m in 9th week, this is nicely planed baby we were looking forward to, we r very happy and excited , i feel like geting u/s every month juss to make sure baby is growing properly, but ob says no way, i only had one at 5w3d next willl be in sept so long ,, feel like want to know boy or girl, let see its whole new world.........


Kerri - May 18

Hi, I'm also scared and excited as well. It is a big change and I know its hard because you don't know what to expect. I've been married 7 years and this is our first. The morning sickness is a little rough as I feel queasy most of the time but as long as you eat well, get enough rest and take care of yourself then everything will be fine. I'm also due either on Boxing Day or possibly New Year's so the holidays will really be exciting for sure. The main thing is to enjoy and many people will also give helpful advice which is great and help out if you need anything so try to relax and enjoy!


Adri - May 18

Thank you all for those words of encouragement! By the way I know what you mean Ca__sie Ive gained 6lbs, but I don't look pregnant I just look fat :)


Adri - May 21

Does the vomiting ever stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erin - May 21

Hi everyone! I am in the same situation as Ca__sie and Adri, I am at 10 weeks and I have gained about 4 pounds. I don't want to wear most of my jeans anymore because they are tight and uncomfortable, and I already feel fatter, even though I am not showing at all. I feel like the extra weight so far has gone straight to the thighs and b___t! I am really looking forward to getting a bulge, so that it is obvious why I am gaining weight. My baby is due on Dec. 23rd and we are looking forward to the holidays being really special this year. I wish everyone the best of luck.


Kc(casey) - May 21

i'm 11 weeks pregnet with my first and am due,12/2/05.I'm also scared and excited as well. It is a big change and I know its hard because you don't know what to expect


vanessa - May 23

First timer alert!!! I suddenly feel like a 15 year old girl in a 30 year old PREGNANT woman's body. I am scared but also excited about all that is to come for us. I am 9 weeks due the day after Christmas.


Adri - May 24

hey ladies, Just went to the doc yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat, It was sooo sweet :) I had all the blood work done and with my insane thinking I of course believe that I am in the small percentile who will have Rubella, HIV, and Cystic Fibrosis. Please pray for my health and my sanity!!!!


veronica - May 24

I just found out last night that I am Pregnant!!! I haven't told my husband cause, w/ our busy schedule this wk we had planned on taking a 4 day weekend off!! I made my appt this morning w/ the dr and she said she'll see me on june 15!! She kept asking for my last name I kept giving her my first name :-D Congrats to all! This may sound stupid, but if the first day of my last period was April 20th, then how many wks am I? Thanks


Jackie - May 24

I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first. I am 22 years old and engaged to be married. I am scared too, I wanted to be married first and this was a surprise. I am very excited but sometimes just get sad when friends are out and I am home by myself. My fiance also works night sometimes and it's really hard but I am excited and ready to be a mom.


Louise - May 24

Vanessa - you described me EXACTLY! 30 feeling like 15, scared to death!! Erin - I'm also due 12/23. not showing but I can't wear any of my pants...hmmm. I haven't gained weight either, I just look fat. This can't be normal? Good luck everyone! E-mail me if you want - [email protected]


kristine - May 24

I think I am 5 wk 2 days pregnant. This is my first and I too am going on 30 - I am glad to hear that there are others of you out there who waited to have your first. My friends are all working on 2 or 3 now. I am very nervous - mostly about how this will change my marriage and how we will afford the expenses, but I am so excited about everything else! My best wishes to everyone!!!


Melissa - May 25

Congratulations to all! I'm 10 wks 1 day with my first baby. I am very excited and nervous. My partner has a very low sperm count and was told the chances of having kids naturally was very slim, so we are both over the moon :) I have been feeling nautious most of the time and have gained 5 kilos in the past month


audrey - May 25

hello all i am 12 weeks along due dec2, with my first baby, i am also scared, anyone who would like to chat email me [email protected]



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