First Trimester Headaches

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tomaske - November 8

my wife is in her first trimester, she is haveing nonstop headaches. she is a vegitarion. what might be the problem? could it be something she is not getting in her diat?


kay101 - November 8

Oh poor thing. I had a headache for about a week straight. I could get rid of it for a few hours, but it always came back. Being vegetarian shouldn't be a problem as long as she's getting enough protien from things like milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts, beans, etc. My sister is also and has three children that were all born quite healthy :) Make sure she is drinking plenty of water because your body needs a lot more when you are pregnant, and even the mildest dehydration can cause headaches. Even if she has morning sickness, make sure she has something in her stomach because that could cause it too. All of these things are to just help try to PREVENT her from having them if they're possible causes. When she does have a headache she can take two extra streghnth tylenol, I reccomend the rapid realease kind, and a cup of coffee. No more than two cups of coffee a day though. If she doesn't like coffee, she can take plain excedrine, just make sure you check the box and the only active ingredients in it are acetemenophin (tylenol) and caffine. Do NOT get the kind that contains asprin. Tylenol helps with the pain and I'm not sure the technical reasons of why caffine helps, but it usually does. Letting hot water from the shower or faucet run over her scalp and forehead can sometimes help unconstrict the blood vessels, but it is often a temporary relief. If the tylenol and coffee doesn't work and they become really painful like migraines I would reccomend calling her obgyn to see if they can prescribe something that is safe to take during pregnancy.


Newlywed - November 9

Hiya. Kay what great advice!!! I too have had a few really bad headaches making me dizzy and sick. I was told by my doctor that it was another symptom to expect. She said that I can take paracetamol. I am almost 7 weeks now and 'touch wood' they seem to have settled down a little. Good luck x


fefer1 - November 11

Try alternating ice and heat on her head - it sometimes works for me. I used to have to sleep with the ice pack on my neck and get a fresh one in the middle of the night. Really, it's probably just hormones and not the's pretty common.



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