First Trimester Massage

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ASJ - March 7

Hi there.....I heard somewhere that you should not have a massage in your first trimester. Has anyone heard the same thing or is it okay? Thanks!


Misty - March 7

I would have to say that I have definatley never heard any such thing, I'm not a doctor though. But they evven have people who specialize in giving messages to pregnant women. I don't see how they could do that if it would be something that would be harmful to a child. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.


Raye Lynn - March 7

I am a ma__sage therapist and its perfectly safe to have ma__sage during the first trimester providing that the therapist is trained in pregnancy ma__sage. There are some sensitive areas that should be avoided but a trained therapist will know what to avoid. GO GET A MASSAGE!


Carrie - September 19

I just had a ma__ssage and I am 6 weeks pregnant. I think it is fine as long as they don't ma__sage too deep in your lower back. So no real deep tissue in that area, and avoid the side of the foot. Apart from that all is good.


Monique to ASJ - September 19

I JUST asked my doctor that today (she also owns a spa called Oasis MA SPA- treatments for women expecting in Santa Monica, CA) and she said WAIT UNTIL 2ND TRIMESTER! Personally that is soooo not want I wanted to hear cause my back is killing me! lol (I'm 7w1d)


Perl - March 21

What about toxins released during deep ma__sage? I'm so used to getting a "deep-tissue" back ma__sage once every 2 weeks. Every time I get a ma__sage the therapist says I need to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins released from the ma__sage. If toxins are released, isn't that bad for the baby??


AmyF - March 22

I've been told to wait for the 2nd trimester as a ma__sage can trigger a m/c. I've already had a m/c last year and I'm not doing ANYTHING that I know will trigger one. I really want a manicure/pedicure, but the therapist told me to avoid hands and feet being ma__saged. The local spas here do what's called a 'prenatal ma__sage', so I would only suggest doing that one.


melo - March 30

you should not have a ma__sage on your stomach or back as it can complicate the pregnancy it is safe to have ma__sage after your first trimester on your back but dont have one on your stomach untill you have had the baby


Perl - April 21

Prenatal ma__sage therapist refused to give me a ma__sage in my first trimester. She told me to go back and see her when I'm in 2nd trimester. If a prenate ma__sage therapist refuses to do it then it's not safe.



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