First Trimester Questions

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Janet - August 8

Hello I have just started my 7th week and will be going for my first pre-natal next week. I have so many questions to ask (first pregnancy :) ) Does anyone know if its safe to take baths or to sunbathe at all?


Claire - July 1

Hi Janet - I am 6 weeks pregnant and was told that baths were good as long as they werent too hot. SUn bathing is fine as long as you dont use a sun-bed apparently..... its good for you to relax so good for baby too !!!


Lynda - July 3

I was also told they were good as long as they weren't to hot. My doctor told me to definately stay away from hot tubs. It's supposed to be very bad for the baby. He said it's pretty much the same thing with guys, when they get into a hot tub they have a very slim, if at all chance of being fertile due to the hot tub pretty much cooking the sperm. Oh and I just visited this site called It shows you the stages of the babies growth from your first trimester up until it is born. I thought it was a great site. The pictures are real too I believe, if they're not, they did a fantastic job making them(I think they're absolutely real, but who knows.)...Anyway I just thought since you are in your 1st Trimester you would like to see what your baby might look like...Good luck to both of you! This is my(first baby) 6th week of pregnancy also, I'm ecstatic!!!


de - July 25



Angela - August 8

Hello! Well, I'm 30 wks pregnant. Throughout my whole pregnancy I've takin' baths, I love them! My doctor says it's safe, but once I get into my 8th month she told me I had better not take baths because if my water were to ever break in the water, I may not notice it and go into labor. I really think I would notice a gush of water coming out, but ya never know ;) Tanning in the sun? Well, my doctor said that was ok too, but when I tried it I broke out ALL OVER in hives, I got a heat rash. My doctor told me my skin is too sensitive and I better not to it again! :) So, just ask your doctor to see what he/she says about you, everyone is different. Good luck!



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