First Trimester Scan Test Thingy

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bellybubble - December 14

Hey Ladies - wondering if someone can help. I went to the docs last week and she gave me some info on a test you can do between 11 and 14 weeks to test for "abnormalities" (nuchal scan or something?) She said i am low risk but can chose to have scan anyway. The scan doesnt worry me its the thing they do afterwards if you get a high risk reading - think its called CVS (needle to get fluids from placenta?) - apparently that can cause miscarriage and isnt actually always acurate - anyway long story short i am wondering if anyone here has actually had the scan etc etc? I am a bit confused about whether to have it or not?


Chris1975 - December 14

Hey there....i had a nuchal scan at 12 wks (am now 28wks!!) . They can be incorrect occa__sionally and show high risk when the baby is fine, however, they can be good peace of mind if your results come back all clear. If you were to find out your baby had a problem (eg: downs), if you plan on having the baby anyway and not changing your situation, then perhaps dont go through the stress of the test as it wont change the outcome of what you will do. If the results come back as high risk, then you still can make a choice as to the next options of CVS/Amnio as they can cause miscarriage. I have no regrets about my decision and was set at ease to hear my very low odds of any risk after they scanned and did measurements. GL in your decision :)


mom_of_1 - December 14

I work at an image facility and we do this scan (Nuchal Translucency. It is a wonderful exam for those who need it. Personaly I will not have this done ( I am 7.5 weeks with #2 and didnt do it last time either) I am also Low risk and dont want any false alarms. It is very accuate and helpful, but if you are low risk it may cause you more stress! Just my opion.............


bellybubble - December 14

Thanks Ladies! I still have about 4 or 5 weeks to think about it but your input helped! This forum is great for all those nagging questions!


Mama J - December 15

I just had a scan but it was an ultra sound with blood work. It checks for birth defects and it was fine. You have to do blood work twice, once when you have your ultra sound and then I think about 4 weeks later. Maybe you could talk to your dr. about that test instead.....No Poking Involved!! Good luck with your pregnancy.


bellybubble - December 16

Thanks mamaJ... yes i will - i have another drs appoint early January so i will have another talk to her about it too - i think i will have the test - the one you had, just to put my mind at rest - i find myself thinking about all these things that could go wrong so i am now just trying to be positive and focus on good things! ha ha such a worry wart! I am 6 weeks 1 day today counting down towards the 12 week mark so i can start buying stuff! Look out shops here i come! ha ha!!!



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