First Trimester Thoughts And Feelings

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heatherjene - November 1

Hi everyone - I would really like to know how you guys feel at this point in your pregnancy. I am around 5 weeks PG. and I am very happy but also very nervous. Does anybody feel this way also? I think maybe if we could all compare feelings and symptoms then maybe we wouldn't feel so weird about our changing bodies!!


angelgabby84 - November 1

Hi heatherjene! I thought I was about 8 - 9weeks but I had my first scan yesterday and it turns out I am only 5weeks. I too am feeling very nervous but excited. I have really sore bbs and my face has broken out really badly. I am peeing a little more than usual also. and I am sure my tummy is a little swolen. How about you do you have any symptoms yet ~ Kristen ~


Shiva - November 1

Hi Ladies Congratulation!! to both of you on your pregnency. Heather- I appreiciate you created this thread It's really necessary for those ladies who are in First Trim so they can share there experiences and can learn others experiences too. I am 7w4d today and having lots of vomiting and nausea and lite brown spotting these three things started when I entered in 6week. Before that I was very happy that I was not having any problem except Breast tenderness. well here is about me now my doc did checkup everything is fine I have heard my baby Heart beat in my 6w4d and it was really nice to hear that.


heatherjene - November 1

Congrats to you guys also!! I think the emotions are the hardest part because there are so many things we don't know yet. We all want everything to be okay and for us and our baby to be healthy. It is a very big help to not feel alone in this, and I do feel it is completely normal to worry. As for me I don't feel bad yet, just a little more tired, and my b___bs hurt some.


angelgabby84 - November 1

Oh and DH says I am moody! but I dont think so. Oh and I have lost my appet_te. I really dont fancy eating anything at all. Hi Shiva I should be having another scan by 12th November. I didnt know they listened for babys heartbeat that soon. Now i am really excited.


ShoppingForTwo - November 1

Hey ladies. . . I feel great actually. I have sore b___bs and nips, acne (yuck), bloated tummy just a bit, and a sore lower back which I told my doctor yesterday and he attributed that to my type of work and put me on lite duty. WOW, lite duty ALREADY??? I wasn't expecting that but hey its for the best I'm high risk anyway. At least I get to still get 40 hrs a week right. Behind a computer now of course. Oh yah, I get sharp pain every now and then very very low by my hip bone on my left side. Feels how it felt when I was pregnant with my daughter. It can be round ligament pains already, right? Lol, if so I'm going to be soo huge by 37 weeks. Anyway, I had an ultrasound yesterday and the pregnancy is in the uterus and is 5 weeks. Yay. Here we go again. Get ready for a rollercoaster ladies. This is my less favorie trimester only because of the high statistics of loss. . . You would think I'd be more worried about the 2nd trimester because that's when I delivered my daughter in June but I'm not. I'm scared now. Oh well, think positive right?!


heatherjene - November 2

Shopping for two - You are so right - you have to think positive even though it is very hard to do. If you don't mind me asking- what happened to your other pregnancy?


angelgabby84 - November 2

Hi gals! Hope you are Ok looks like we are all around the five week mark. Shoppingfortwo I am also a high risk pregnancy i delivered my first at 24weeks (dec 2003). No one can tell me what was wrong but i went into labour on Christmas day 2003 and delivered three days later. They didnt say anything about an incompetant cervix but I am going to mention this to the doc tonight about having a st_tch in my cervix because i dont want to lose another baby before being told thats what it is. Do you know what happened with you. I have never been given any anser / advice as to what may have caused it. Fingers crossed everything is fine for all of us. When is everyone's EDD I now think I am about 2nd July 2008


fefer1 - November 2

Hey ladies - I'm a little over 8 weeks with my second - my dd is 14 months shortly - and this time around I am very apprehensive. I wanted another baby but now it's freaking me out. I know, it's normal .... but I hate feeling that way. I want to be excited! Maybe the sickness has got me down and when it goes away I'll be able to jump up and down. Right now I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep away the first trimester! :) I don't think depressesd is the right word, but somewhere along those lines. I hate feeling like this....


angelgabby84 - November 3

Hi Shoppingfortwo! Just finished reading your story and I am in tears. It was so familiar to my own experience except I had a v____al delivery enev though Robyn was breach and I wasnt with my daughter when she died. (The biggest mistake of my life) But i was quite young and wasnt expecting it to happen and I hadnt thought about it. I just didnt know what to do. But that was three years ago and although i will never forget Robyn I have moved on and am ready for my new life with my new husband and a baby on the way. Tell me more about these 17p shots. Thanx Kristen


ShoppingForTwo - November 3

I'm glad your in a better place Gabby. My loss was almost only 5 months ago so I'm hoping time will heal some of the pain. Loosing a child is really the hardest thing. 17p shots a.k.a hydroxyprogestrone shots given weekly starting around 16 weeks - 37 weeks to prevent pre term labor. They are very very very effective. There are shots or v____al suppostories (messy) I've read that the shots are more effective but I don't think it's proven. How did your doctors appointment go Gabby? I go again on Mon. to see my ob to get a pap and ultrasound, I'm pretty sure I dicuss the 17p with my peri though, I'll get to set my appointment with him then. Gabby please don't let those regrets surrounding Robyn's death eat you away? I think its normal, I have regrets about what I didn't do/say to my daughter when she was alive and after she pa__sed, although I held her the entire time. But I was in shock, I honestly thought she would make it so I wasn't prepared at all either. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. I'm sure everyone who has lost a child has regrets. I don't think we would be statisfied with the outcome and be regret FREE unless our daughters survived, ya know? Go to marchofdimes dot com they have more info on 17p and cerclages. Ttys


angelgabby84 - November 5

Hiya! Well my doc has no probls with me having a cerclage at around 14weeks. He says if I have any questions about anything to speak to my midwife on her first home appointment (she will be phoning me this afternoon to arrange for around 19th November) I will definitely mention the 17p shots to her. every little helps. However I havent told anyone but at my first u/s the sonagrapher thought there was two in there but wouldnt confirm anything because i was only a few weeks. she says my next u/s (14th November) will show heartbeats and then we can be sure. So I know that you can only have the 17p shots if you are carrying one single baby. So i will have to wait and see.


heatherjene - November 5

Shopping for two - Your story makes my heart break, I couldn't imagine how you must have felt. I am with you though, I would have been p__sed at the lack of compa__sion!! You are a very strong woman, and you are someone we can all look up to in trying times. You are going to be a great mom again, keep all of us up to date on your appts. and I will do the same.


ShoppingForTwo - November 5

Thanks Heather for all the nice things you've said. Aww, you warmed my heart :) My next appointment is in 30 minutes!!! I'm so excited! Good luck with twins Gabby! How far along were you on your last u/s? I hope I'm having twins as well! Yes I read that 17p is only proved effective for singleton pregnancies. If I do by chance have twins I will steal ask/beg for them just because of my history, and because yes every little bit helps. If not the shots then at least the supositories yah know? Ok let me pretend I'm working for a little bit. Light duty is so . . . . Boringly fun.


angelgabby84 - November 10

Hi Shoppingforto! I have researched 17p and oll other names i can find for the shots and it seems that anything of the sort was discontinued in the UK 2 and a half years ago. I havent yet had the chance to speak to my midwife who i see for the first time on 21st November. I am however looking forward to my next u/s on wednesday. How was your appointment? I hope all went well. BTW it is 4:45 am here and I have been awake for the last hour trying to get the smell of onions off my hands. It has never bothered me this much before but i cant seem to remove the d__n smell. it has actually made me be sick and I certainly cannot go back to sleep knowing its on my hands. Aaarrgghhh!!!!


newmomma32 - November 11

I think many of us won't be fully calm until that first ultrasound!!!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 11

this is a wonderful thread!! I'm at 8weeks 6days and I have random feelings of insecurity and fear of what might happen all the time... I even got so worried at one point that I might have gotten a false positive I went and looked up causes of false posative test results and counf things like tumors and cysts and such and got REALLY worried that instead of having a baby in me I might have something potentially dangerous instead. My savior through all that nonsense was coming here and talking to others, it has helped me a lot. Thanks for posting this Heather :) Shoppingfortwo... that was the longest post I have ever seen, and also the most devastating. I am so sorry for your loss and the incompetence of your doctor. I wish you all the luck in the world on your pregnancy! This is by far the scariest time of my life and also the happiest, it's such a strange combination of feelings and I cant wait for this trimester to be over so I can get to being Happy and excited in the second and third :) good luck to everyone, may you all have happy and healthy pregnancies :) -Heather<3



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