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vix - March 15

I have just had my first u/s and the more I look at it I think I am having another boy. Has anyone thought this and has it been wrong. I already have three boys and we were using the dr shettle progrma for a girl, I cant understand where I went wrong.


to vix - March 15

How far along are you? Usually at the first ultrasound, the genitals aren't even developed yet, so why do you think you are having a boy?


vix - March 15

Im 13 weeks and it looked like there was somewthing between ther legs. Do you think it might have been the umbilical cord?


D - March 15

I know two people who are radiology techs - and they were both wrong about their baby's gender when looking at the u/s! Its not a science to figure it out this way! But, hey, you have a 50% chance of being correct!


KP - March 16

Could be umbilical cord? Good luck!


J - March 16

What is the Dr. Shettle method?


t o j - March 16

Well apparantley for a girl you have to have s_x 3 to 4 days b4 you ovulate, which is what we did. For a boy you have to obstain from s_x until just one day b4 ovulation or have it on the day of ovulation. You have to check you secretions every day to know when you are ovulating. Its actually pretty interesting to know whats happening in you body at certain times. Anyway that basically it , I just dont know if it worked for me yet, fingers crossed,I already have three s_xy boys.


jessica - March 16

so if i had my last period on jan 11, and got pregnant on jan 22/23 (early am!) then its quite possibly a girl?? i have longer cycles too-whtacha think?


to Jessica - March 17

Was the 11 the first day or the last day. If it was the last day and your secretions(the white stuff on the pants), was really slimy around 26 jan then it sounds like it could be a girl, according to dr shettle. But dont quote me because I have done what the book says for a girl, and I dont know if it worked.


jessica - March 17

the 11th was the first day- which seems like a long way before ovulation when i concieved.....



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