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AmySmoak - March 11

We had our first ultrasound done this past Thursday. At the time of the ultrasound, going by my LMP, I should be 8 weeks 2 days, but the baby measured at 6 weeks 4 days. He had a heart beat of 123 beats per minute. Dr said healthy, healthy!!! So I guess I just ovulated late, or is the baby just a little baby. I was a very small baby myself. What do you think?


crrodgers - March 11

I went in to have my u/s and the doctor said I was 7 weeks 1 day and I should have been 8 weeks. They do say there is about a 5-7 day range of inaccuracy in the u/s also and your ovulation is also a factor. I think the fact that you saw a healthy heartbeat is enough to make me feel a little better!


ss27 - March 12

I have questions about the same thing. I thought I was 7 1/2 weeks, but my ultrasound showed 5 1/2. My doctor told me that the ultrasound is the most accurate, but it didn't make sense to me based on my the date of my last period.


stefkay - March 12

Hi Amy and ss27, I only answer this question because I had the same situation when i was pregnant this last time and it caused me a huge amount of anxiety. i couldn't find any answers and noone really answered my posts. First you do have to look at your cycle and how long it is and when you usually ovulate. Do either of you have long or erratic cycles or did you chart and know when you probably conceived? My first u/s showed me to be almost 5 weeks when I knew I was 6w4d based on lmp (and I had been charting so I knew when I ovulated). My dr. blew it off and said I probably ovulated late. Ok, so I try to remain calm and went back 1 week later at what was to be 7w4d and the baby measured 5w5d and we saw a strong hb of 183. I was so relieved, but still wanted to know why the baby was so far behind in growth. No answers from the dr, nurse or u/s tech. They seemed unconcerned, so I tried to be. I didn't have another u/s for another 3 weeks and when I had that one it showed no hb and the baby stopped growiing at 6.5wks (about a week after the last u/s). I was devastated...I did so much research but never got much back on it. I heard stories where it was ok and the baby "caught up" so to say from women on here and I heard stories where it didn't turn out so well (like mine). I only tell you this because I wished that someone had shared their experience with me...after it was all over I found several women on the m/c forum who had the same thing happen. Just keep on top of your doctor and make sure you get another u/s soon to see how the progress is going. Good luck to you both and you are in my prayers...


denimb__terfly - March 12

I too, have a story like stefkay's. I was exactly 8 weeks pregnant based on my lmp and when I got my ultrasound the tech said the baby measured 6 weeks exactly. We saw a heartbeat and everything seemed good. I thought this is perfect because when you are 8 weeks pregnant the baby is only 6 weeks along. (based on that whole confusing estimated due date thing). A week later I went to the ER with bleeding. The baby measured 7weeks3days even though I was exactly 9 weeks. There was no heartbeat. Only recently (I am pregnant again and everything measured right to date this time) did I discover that ultrasounds take account the 2 week difference and so I should have known something was wrong when they said I was only 6 weeks. I tested positive a day before I would have gotten pregnant if 6 weeks was right. But, I knew I was 8 weeks at that time and I just never knew the ultrasound is the more accurate. Which means, sadly that my baby was not growing the way it was supposed to.



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