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mgn - September 24

Hi ladies. Thanks for reading and possibly responding to this. I am having my first ultrasound wed (i am so excited and nervous at same time) My question is this...I am 9 weeks and a few we for sure hear the heartbeat and possibly see movement?? It is going to be a va___al ultrasound. Thanks


kay101 - September 24

I know you will deffinately be able to see a heartbeat. I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and could see my daughter kicking her legs.


cynnababy - September 24

Yes, you should see and hear the heartbeat on the u/s. I think you should also be able to see movements.


Mel Page - September 25

Hay there girl, I dont think your suppose to have a v____al u/s babe, no need, your more that far enough allong. My first one was at 8w6d and I could see the heart beat but no movement yet, on my next u/s which was on 13 weeks, my bub was jumping and dancing so much I couldnt believe it!!! It was amazing. I'm currently 17 weeks along and going for my next u/s tomorrow aswell. Good luck and enjoy babes!!!!!!!


sarah21 - September 25

Well, I got a v____al ultrasound at 13 weeks. The tech said it was the only thing they had available, but I still got to see a lot. It was so neat. You will LOVE your ultrasound.


jennifer_33106 - September 25

Hey I just wanted to say that it is possible to see the baby moving this early but make sure to eat something about 15 minutes prior to your u/s to try and wake him/her up. Had I known that haha I would have done it at my 9 week u/s but the baby was sleeping. haha


NicoleM - September 25

You should definitely see a h/b. I had my 1st u/s yesterday (I am 6 weeks as of today). It was a little to early for h/b - we just saw a little circle that is the yolk sac. Anyway, I go back in 2 weeks for another u/s (3-d) and should see the h/b then.


mgn - September 25

oh thank you all so much! i am not positive if it is a v____al or belly sonogram? either way, i am so excited i wont be able to sleep tonight! i am just praying everything is ok. thanks again! hh 9 mnths to all of you!


mgn - September 25

ps, come to think of it, they told me not to pee so does that mean it will be a regualr sonogram?? i hope....anyway to avoid stuff in my sha na na would be great! lol hope i didnt offen anyone there.


sarah21 - September 26

If they told you not to pee then it's probably an abdominal. They didn't tell me not to pee, though, for my next one. In fact, they take a urine sample at the beginning of each appointment, so I guess it must not make that much of a difference.


NicoleM - September 26

If they make you pee first it will be trans-v____al. If they tell you NOT to pee it will be abdominal. Mine at 6 weeks was v____al, but I don't know yet what they will do at my 8 week... hmmm


Tory1980 - September 26

They tell you not to pee as water is a transducer and will allow for clearer pictures. If you can drink a galss of cold water when waiting and it should wake the little one up (works throughout pregnancy too if you aren't sure on movements etc). You should see movement at 9 weeks (I have before then too with all my pregnancies bu the baby will often have a head still slightly bigger than the body at this stage but you will see the heartbeat etc. Enjoy!


mgn - September 27

had the 1st sonogram yesterday! so wonderful! it was abdominal b/c she said i was 2 far along for v____al (i am 9 wks 4 days) We saw and heard the heartbeat (a strong 167) and we also saw our little peanut move! it was the most amazing thing i have ever experienced. i am so sick this am with nasuea and headache but dont mind at all after seeing my little angel in there! amazing. thanks everyone for all ur help. god bless. mgn


NicoleM - September 27

Congrats on seeing and hearing the h/b! How wonderful! I can't wait for my next u/s in 2 weeks. I don't think we'll hear the h/b, but we should see it. I hope your m/s gets better soon.


sarah21 - September 27

Isn't it amazing?! Just wait until you hear the heartbeat. I heard it at my first appointment (went at 13 weeks because I had to wait for my insurance) and the Dr. did that before my ultrasound and it made me cry. I was bawling like a baby. It is so incredible.



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