First Ultrasound Question

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meg - October 29

I'll be having my 1st u/s on Thursday & I think that I'll be 6 weeks & 2 days. I'm really hoping to be able to see the heartbeat...what do you ladies think? Also, does the HCG level have anything to do w/ what they are able to see on the u/s? For example, my HCG on Thursday should be at least 30,000. If another lady went for an u/s at 6w 2d & had an HCG of only 19,000, would that make any difference? Hope that makes sense! Thanks!


Krissy25 - October 29

Meg, your question makes sense but every pergnancy is different. I would say the chances of at least seeing a fetal pole are good but don't stress if you don't it's still early.


Brendansmom - October 29

I'm sorry I don't know much about HCG levels, but I had an u/s when I was 5w5d and we saw a h/b. The tech was pretty surprised, but it was there! I don't know what my HCG level was at that time. Good luck.


Mel Page - October 30

Hay there meg, I dont think you'll be able to see a heartbeat just yet, but you never know, and not to worry at all if you dont as yet. As far as the hcg goes, I dont think it has anything to do with what you'll be able to see, like Krissy said every pregnancy is diffenrent. Good luck and let us know k???


Julymommy2b - October 30

I just had an ultrasound yesterday at 6 weeks, 6 days and was able to see the heartbeat flutter on the screen. Not sure what my HCG was.


meg - October 30

Thanks ladies! I'll definitely let you know.


sarahnicolesmom - October 30

Hey meg! I had my first u/s at 6 wks 2 days and we not only were able to see our baby's hb but also heard it!! So good luck!


fefer1 - October 30

I had an u/s at 5wks and they couldn't hear it but at weeks it was loud and clear with my daughter. This time around it was at 7weeks. 6weeks might be early but then again, you never know exactly when you got pregnant. :)



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