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GM - December 3

Hi Ladies! I just got my BFP on 11/29/07 (after 2 years TTC)!! My question is what is the usual time frame for the dr. to schedule your first visit? Mine was is scheduled for 8 weeks. Is this normal? I thought for sure she would see me sooner! Also, I'm spotting a bit and left a message for the nurse but haven't heard back yet! I'm 39 so I'm just super sensitive and a bit overly cautious, I guess. :)


newlywed0915 - December 3

Congrats GM! 8 weeks is a normal time for them waiting to see you. Seems crazy, expecially since you've been waiting so long already, right? Spotting does occur more often than not in the first trimester,but should always be reported to your doc. I'm sure the nurse will call you back today to see whats going on. I had spotting at about 5 weeks. I had my hubby take me to the E.R. because the nurses at the clinic in town just wanted to test my blood levels over a 3-4 days time frame. I'd asked for an ultrasound, but they said they'd only do that if they knew I was miscarrying. That made me quite upset, so I'm glad I went to the E.R. I started bleeding more heavily after i got there and they diagnosed me with a threatened abortion. I had a tear in between my uterus and placenta that was forming, and thats where the blood was coming from.The u/s only showed the gestational sac, which is normal because I was so early, but they put me on bedrest for a few and I wasn't allowed to lift heavy things. I truly believe if i hadn't rested that weekend i would have miscarried. But things got better, and a few weeks later, the tear healed.and I'm now 10 weeks and 2 days. They say that about 25% of wome experience this, so its not too uncommon. Don't be afraid to call the doc, stay home from work, and take it easy. Take every precaution to ensure your baby's health. Let me know what the nurse says!


Kevsgirl21 - December 3

I have mine for the 7th week, and with my first pregnancy the doctor saw me at 6 weeks, but that was different doctor, I think it is really up to the doctor's prefrences, but I am sure if you really want to see the doctor sooner, the nurse would let you.


GM - December 3

Thanks newlywed & Kevsgirl...I've been reading that spotting normal. I don't have any cramping (just little twinges here and there) and I feel pretty normal. The spotting is very very light so I'm really trying to stay calm. Actually, aside from my legs feeling like jello over the past 4 days, and a slight fullness in my bbs, I don't have any symptoms at all! I work from home so I am able to rest when I need to! What a blessing! Congratulations to you both...thanks again!!


newlywed0915 - December 3

how lucky to be able to work from home! I envy you! :-) Yep, just take it easy, and dont' fret. You might be able to get a u/s at your first visti to determine your due date, if you're unsure.


nola-gal - December 4

my second appointment is today, and i am almost 8 weeks. at the first visit, she just confirmed it and talked to me, no exam. so this is really my first official exam. they are doing an ultrasound, since my periods were off and the doctor wants to make sure i really am 8 weeks. i know, because i know when we didn't use a condom! but the doctors are weird, you know. good luck with everyhting! congratulations! that must have been a looooong two years!


Faye84 - December 4

Congrats!!! HOW exciting!!! the light spotting can be normal but its good you called the doctor, just make sure you dont do anything vigorus until you talk to someone. i bet you are so excited you could scream huh? I dont know the feeling of having to wait two whole years to get a positive but I bet its a huge relief. they dont let us see our doc until we are 10 weeks, so that is normal!


mjvdec01 - December 4

GM, congratulations! I am pregnant with my second child and have to wait until December 27th to see my OB, by then I will be 9 weeks 5 days. Normally he would see me at 8 weeks, but he is going to be out of town. I had some bleeding with my daughter during the first trimester and it turned out to be nothing to worry about. You are lucky you can work from home. I am stay at home mom, but can't rest much, I have a toddler to chase around! I am so happy for you, everything will be fine. :o}


softbreeze200 - December 4

Congrats GM!! That is so exciting!!! I went in the day after I got my positive and she has me booked for an ultrasound at 7.5 weeks to ensure all is going ok ( resulting from past problems), but I knwo my girlfriend didn't get to see her dr. until about 10 weeks and they waited until 18 weeks to do her first ultrasound. I think it all depends on the dr. If it isn't sitting right with you, find another dr. You have the right to feel comfortable with the level of care that you are getting. I wish you all the very best!! :)


GM - December 5

Thank you all for your reasuring thoughts and comments! The spotting has stopped. I spoke with the nurse and she said that since it stopped all should be normal. I got my appt changed to a bit earlier so it's 12/18 - UGH! I wish it were today!! :) I think I will be about 7 weeks along at that time. It's strange because I just don't "feel" pregnant. (not that I would know what pregnant feels like since I've never been!!) But...Anyone else not feel much of anything at about 5 weeks or so? My bbs are tender, but not all the time (it comes and goes), my temps are still very high but other than that, not too much of anything....any additional reasurance is appreciated! Thanks!



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