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fish - April 29

I was wondring if any of you guys know if Flonase (nasal spray) is safe during the 1st trimester...I have used it only a few times but now I am a little paranoid:) I am 7 weeks now...Any advice will be appeciated...my m.d. says that it is safe to use since not much is absorbed in the blood stream, etc. It is more topical...but I was wondering if any of you had any info as well!!!! Thanks!!!


Perl - April 29

I was afraid to use my Flonase so I stopped using it and I started getting severe allergic reactions. So I started using it again. My Allergy and asthma specialst told me that it is in Category C for prescription drugs and its effects on pregnant women have never been tested. But she told me, in her opinion, it should be safe because of the size of the molecules--in other words, it stays in your sinuses and chest and doesn't absorb into your body/blood as much as some of the other nasal sprays (pretty much same thing your Dr told you). She did tell me that Rhinocort was tested on pregnant women and shown to be the safest but it didn't work for me so I switched back to Flonase with my Dr's approval. Also Rhinocort absorbs more into your body than Flonase does but it's been shown to be safe. You should also know that part of the reason that she approved it for me was that I was miserable with allergies and it was triggering asthma problems which can cause some very serious problems for the baby. So better to control the allergies and asthma with untested but probably safe Flonase than to let the allergies/asthma get out of control and harm the baby. If you can do without it until your 2nd trimester, then stop using it. But if you're like me and will be miserably sick without Flonase, by all means don't stop using it because the risks of not using (getting sinus infection and asthma attacks if you get them) will be much worse to your baby.


bknbone - April 30

it is a steroid, my doc said no way and only approves zyrtec


starblue332 - May 9

My doctor told me that I could use it only if I really needed it.



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