Flu Shot Or Not

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T - October 26

Has anyone consulted their dr on whether or not to have a flu shot in the first trimester?


heather - October 26

hello well last year i got influenza along with alot of my family. this year at the health deprtment they toldme that its really important to get the shot because when your preggo you cant get the medicane because it can hurt the baby.. so just get the shot ..influenza is awful i was sick for 2-3 weeks i couldnt talk i felt like death..


Chaney - October 26

I just found out I am pg and I got the flew shot this year. Now I am realizing that I was about 2 days pg when I got the shot. I hope it doesn't hurt the baby. My doctor told me to get it because the flu can be really bad for pg women. I hope getting the shot didn't hurt anything. My doc knew I was trying to get pregnant and didn't hesitate giving me the shot.


Trina - October 26

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and my doctor plans to give me the flu shot when I go in on Tuesday. So it must be ok to get it.


hi - October 26

It's really up in the air, some docs say its ok in the first trimester some say it's best to wait untilit has pa__sed. I would err on the side of caution and wait until the Second trimester, just because the flu shot STILL contains thermerisol. Whether it causes autism or not, mercury may still be harmful to the fetus. I am into my second semester and I will be going to the dr this Thursday. I am curious to know if he will recommend it. I hope he does not because I am going to refuse it.


T - October 26

This is a hard decision. Thanks for all of your input. The health dept. told me that is was ok. But now I am going to call my dr.


Mindi - October 26

I would like to know as well. My company is going to pay for all it's employees flu shots this year and I was curious to know if it would be okay as well.


T - October 26

Ok, I have called two doctors and one has called back so far. My RE nurse said that yes you can get one, but make sure it's the shot and not the nose spray one. I am still nervous! My What to Expect book says after the first trimester.


T - October 26

The latest..... the ob I am using just called and they said they prefer if you wait until after the 12th week. Hope that helps!


Mindi - October 26

Thank you. That helps a lot. I just don't want to do anything that could hurt my little miracle.


Heather - October 26

I was 2 weeks PG when I got the flu shot...I consulted with my fertility office and they said it was absolutely OK. I go to a fertility clinic that is rated #6 in the country by PARENTS magazine, so they are up on all the latest research. My office told me that I could not afford to get the flu. I got the preservative free shot, so I did not expose the little one to the mercury.


Ryan - October 27

Hey, just wanted to add that our doctor told us today NOT to get the flu shot until sometime after the first trimester. And that may be AFTER the flu season...a lot of help that does my wife! Just an FYI. Ryan


T - October 27

What I am doing is getting everyone I live with the flu shot. That should help minimize my chances. I think it's probably ok, but I am gonna wait.


maya - October 27

there are a lot of things I need a shot for. like rosalia (I think that is mumps in english) and he told me that as with the flu to avoid crowded places. to avoid the obvious and keep myself strong. so I am not getting the shot.


to T - October 27

MAKE SURE they don't get the nasal version it contains the live virus and you could become sick if you hang around with them. They should get the shot which has the attenuated virus.


Ella - October 27

I went to my DR yesterday, and she gave me a flu shot. She stated that pregnant ladies are in the highest rinsk category. She said it will not hurt my baby, only protect it and me. I'd say if you can find a flu shot, get one...


Maria - October 27

Hi, I am 8 weeks pregnant and my Dr. said I could get the flu shot now. So I did. I guess every Dr. gives there own opinion on this topic, as I see some Dr's say wait till the 2nd tri and others say day 1 of pregnancy is okay.



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