Flu Shot Or Not

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adt - December 2

Flu shot is a pregnancy category C in the first trimester. They recommend it after the 13th week.


Deb - December 3

I am eight weeks and my doctor advised against it. She said it was considered safe, but that I should at least wait until second trimester. She said I wouldn't want to take a risk this early in the pregnancy.


adt - December 3

I asked my nursing instructor who covers Maternal/Newborn nursing and she said that they don't like to risk giving flu shots in the first trimester. Because it is a live virus.


Mary Mary - September 28

I AM DISAPPOINTED THAT MOST OF YOU ARE LIKE SHEEP AND LET THE DOCTOR DO YOUR THINKING FOR YOU. It is imperative that you stay away from thermerisol. It is 50% Mercury, the most highly poisonous metal. Doctors are uninformed because they trust FDA and AMA. It will give you Alzthimers, and your child Autism. It is not worth it. There are many ways to keep your own immune system resistant. Otherwise, get the flu, take high dose vitamin C and plenty of fluids. You will come out okay. Really.


kerryv - September 28

do you normally get the flu?? if not, than dont risk it.


sonia989 - October 28

OMG, I'm shocked! Mercury in a flu vaccine? why on earth would they want to put that in there?!


whynotme - October 30

There is no known diagnosis for Autism! And as for the flu shot, use your own judgment. Get your Dr.'s recommendation and then decided yourself.


whynotme - October 30

Oops I meant to say that there are no known causes of autism.


stephva - October 30

I just got the shot over the weekend upon reccomendation of my OB. I did some research as well and it apperas that the vaccine no longer contains the thermerisol as it used to, and even then it was just a trace amount of Mercury. I weighed the possibilities...if I (we) were to get the flu, there are so many possible complications and during pregnancy you cannot take the meds that are used to treat the flu. And the shot doesn't prevent you from getting it, but normally if you have had the shot, it will not be as bad a case as if you hadn't gotten the shot. to me it just seemed that the pros outweighed the cons, plus I have a great deal of trust and respect for my OB. He took great care of me during my first pregnancy and also my sister, who's daughter was born at 24 weeks & 5 days and I believe that his care played a major role in my niece's survival. Anyway, everyone has to make their own decision, but for me getting the shot was the right decision.


idesign17 - October 30

I was 4w5d when I got my flu shot. I asked my doctor, my doctor's nurse, and the nurse who administered the shot. All said it was perfectly safe, and in fact was recommended for pregnant women.



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