Fluctation In Soreness Of Breasts

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Elizabeth - March 19

Does anyone else experience different levels of soreness in their br___ts. Some days their more sore than others, sometimes they hardly feel sore at all . Is this normal ?


Kim - March 19

Elizabeth, this has also been happening to me and from what I read, it's fairly normal. I have my first appt. on Friday and I can't wait because that will give me more a__surance. How many weeks are you? I am about 8 weeks now.


Elizabeth - March 20

Hi Kim, Thanks for answering , I am 6 weeks , I have had two previous miscarriages so am a bit worried . Can I ask where you read that its fairly normal as I have been unable to find any info on the less common stuff about pregnancy.Good luck with your scan.


Kim - March 20

Thanks, Elizabeth. I have been reading so much that I don't really recall where I read that but I know that I have seen posts on these boards about it and many women have said that theirs comes and goes. I was worried the first day mine disappeared (at about 6 weeks) but it was back again later that day and has come and gone since. It does worry me, espcecially since I don't have a lot of other symptoms but the fact that it keeps coming back and I tested positive again this morning has given me more rea__surance. I would worry more if it went away and did not return but it seems as if this is not what you are experiencing. Can you call your Doctor or midwife and see what they think? That might rea__sure you as well. This is my first pregnancy and I am still learning everyday.


Vina - March 20

I am 12 weeks, and my b___sts are not sore anymore. When I mentioned it to my Dr. that my pregnancy symptoms seem to disappear, she said "good!" I guess they're supposed to come and go. They'll come back again later.


Lynn - March 20

Hello ladies! It makes sense that the soreness would come & go. During the first 12 weeks, the HCG signals you ovaries to produce the estrogen & progesterone that supply your baby until the placenta is developed enough to produce it's own hormones. You body is producing MASS amounts of both estrogen & progesterone. Breast tenderness is a sign that these hormones are not "balanced" and that you are producing more progesterone than estrogen -- this is what happens during pms, the estrogen is the main hormone during the first half of your cycle & progesterone during the second half. SO, on the days that your b___st tendernes has subsided, you could just be balancing out your hormones for that time & then the next day, the tenderness returns.etc,etc.. after about the first 12 weeks, your hormones production seems to "level" off - including hcg production and that is why most women have their pg symptoms subside around that time. I am not a doctor or anything, but in my research, this is the most logical explanation..


Kim - March 20

Thanks, Lynn! Excellent explanation.


Elizabeth - March 21

Lynn thanks for your very clear explanation , it makes perfect sense. Should I now be worried that my b___bs are sore ... only joking



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