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squished - April 3

So, anyone having food cravings or aversions? I've been craving Rice Krispy treats, but nothing else. What brought on this ? was that last night my dh and I go out to eat. I ordered a steak and when it got to the table I couldn't even look at it. That slab of meat was making me sick. I had to cover it up with the napkin. How crazy is that? We got a good laugh about it and I ate my salad, potatoes and veggies. And left the steak buried under my napkin :), where it belongs!


lashes92 - April 3

I am having a hard time eating anything... NOTHING sounds good. Things I would normally go for in a heartbeat are just revolting to me lately. Love chicken... Can't stand the smell/sight/thought of it right now. I think maybe when the m/s get better I may do better. Tough to force yourself to eat.


knpandrews - April 3

Hello Squished... totally understand that. Atleast your not craving 3 bean salad and cottage cheese. I was craving that when I was 6 wks. pregnant. My doc said it was more the cottage cheese that I was craving because of the softness. He said alot of pregnant women crave cottage cheese for the dairy if they dont like milk. I was never much of a meat eater and now its a dead issue with me. I cant even look at it. I have not touched meat since I found out I was pregnant. I am currently 11 wks. 6 days and I wont touch it. No chicken, No steak, No pork. I think its the whole seeing it cooked situation for me. Lately I have been wanting veggies and fruit. Its all about the black berries for me. ... which is not an issue but today I was craving cabbage soup. So i went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make home made cabbage soup. I should mention that I really have not been able to hold anything down for 2 wks. Morning sickness has been all day and night. however, today... i felt a little better... jumped out of bed and said to myself cabbage soup sounds great. LOL... i dont know what brings it on but hey, at least i am not craving dirt. I read an article about PICA and how women crave earthly substances. :)


emilymalm - April 3

I'm 12w 1d and meat is also completely disgusting. That's so funny about covered However, I don't think I've ever loved fruits and vegis so much. I can't do tomatoes at all though. Also, twice baked potatoes are to die for!


knpandrews - April 3

emilymalm... About the tomatoes i have a friend who if there was even a hint of tomatoe in something she would get sick for hours. LOL.. but I can understand that. :)


squished - April 4

I haven't had too bad of a time with m/s. I've never actually thrown up, but the quesiness is enough for me. It's started to taper off though. (I'm 9 wks today)


fara - April 4

i have a frend who craved Uncooked rice..she wdnt even wash it,she'd b eating it all day,.


Susan W - April 4

With baby #1, I had to have a Burger King hamburger every day. I was working in the field away from home for the first trimester, and there was a BK across the street from the hotel. The employees got to know my car and had my order ready every night! LOL. . . But this go around, I don't care for burgers. I can't cook much or it makes me ill, and cooking chicken is the worst; I can eat cooked white chicken if I don't see or smell it cooking. My cravings come and go. Yesterday it was pasta and popcorn. Today, chicken noodle soup. . ..


AmyF - April 4

No chicken, pickles, olives, onions or broccoli. Fish smells horrible but it doesn't taste bad so I still eat it while holding my nose :)


mandee25 - April 4

I have been craving Chinese food so today dh took me out to dinner and I had some. YUM!


squished - April 4

I've been craving some chinese food too, especially egg drop soup, but I don't think I can eat that b/c of the eggs maybe not being cooked all of the way. Oh and Susan...I hear you on the chicken noodle soup :)


Perl - April 4

I was hungry for bacon the other day so I made some and had no problem while cooking it but as soon as it went into my mouth before biting into it I spit it into my napkin. The sight and smell of it didn't bother me at all but the taste did (even though it was fresh and tasted good to my dh). I thought this was so bizarre since I love bacon. I seem to want spicy Mexican food and jalapeno pepers every day.


MM - April 7

I've never been particularly fond of this, but I have really been craving an egg salad sandwich on white bread. I don't know why - every time I think of it, I almost drool!! (I'm not much of a cook, so I'll have to look up the recipe!)


Jennifer28 - April 7

I can't stand the sight of cooked meat. Preparing raw meat - no problem. I had a home cooked cheese burger on my plate last night but took one bite and almost lost it. DH took it off of my plate for me and threw it away. ;) It seems strange to me b/c I am only 6w 1d. Guess I have a long way to go!! And - most of my m/s is at night. In the morning I could eat anything - as long as it sounds good. And any type of chicken for lunch. But at dinner, I just eat side dishes. Pasta salad is a real fav for me now!! :)


eclipse - April 7

I am craving spicy foods, like tacos and burritos. Although, with my morning sickness, it can be dicey anyway, but that is going way better than some of the other choices! Listen to your body and do what it commands, or it will let you know!


honker - April 8

Hi ladies, so glad to hear all of your stories. My aversion started with pork and eggs - the sight or smell or either would send me running. Now I pretty much can't stand the smell or sight of meat cooking, and can barely eat any meat even if I don't see/smell it cooking. I have been suffering from 24hr m/s and severe indigestion/bloating after eating. It continued to get worse so that almost all food smells bad to me now. Things I normally like smell and taste really gross! It is annoying and strange. Cravings - fruit, nuts, and CARBS CARBS CARBS! They go down okay which is nice! I'm just at the end of week 12 now and hope all of this nonsense is going to come to an end . . . hang in there everyone!


lilly2 - April 9

Hi girlls i am 5 weeks and have cravings for beef snicles,green lattice and white cheese.It was beside c___pming my first preggie desire.It is still early pregnancy but i like eat at early morning 2,3 am, cant sleep at all.I loved pork, chicken, fish, well dont have cravings for sweet, mostly for salty and a bit sour food.



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