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Precious - November 15

Hello anyone, I've been reading alot of newsletters about how to eat n diets and everything. But i Just wanted to get anyones opinion here on whats good to eat during the day. I go to the grocery store but my mind goes blank.. any good ideas.. Im 6 weeks pregnant and looking for something good and healthy to have from now on.


sashasmama - November 15

I try to stick to whole grains - bread, oatmeal, snacks, e.t.c. I also steam a large batch of vegetables - squash, zucchini, carrots, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower and then snack on those throughout the day every day. I also try to eat at least one banana, raisins, apples and drink those Bottlehouse farms juices. For meat it's usually grilled chicken, sometimes fish (should eat more of that!).


jennifer_33106 - November 15

Well, you should always try to eat as healthy as you can. Try to avoid alot of fatty greasy foods and also I know that in the 1st trimester it can be hard to keep things down, so try to abstain from adding alot of seasoning to things. Food Aversions are a big problem for many many women in the first trimester, so eat honestly what dosent make you sick. Even if it is not the healthiest choice, remember that you are taking a prenatal every day so your baby is getting the nutrients. In the first trimester into the 2nd I coulf not hold my veggies down so i didnt eat them. Also just watch things like salt content and caffiene intake. I am a strong believer in things in moderation. OH and also, buy things that you can make quick! Like those hamburger helper single packs or frozen burritos. Something quick and easy that you like. It is alot easier to side step m/s when you can eat fast and not have to prepare a meal. I tend to jump form topic to topic so sorry about that. haha


nola-gal - November 15

lots of lean protien and healthy carbs. lots of fresh fruits and veggies. honestly, a weight-watchers maintenance plan is very healthy and balanced. it's basically the food pyramid...whole grains, lean protiens, fresh fruits and veggies.


Precious - November 25

Aww Thanks everyone i will try my best :-)



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