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jessielouwho - August 1

Hi Maria, I am 10 weeks w/ my first child and I have been emotional from day one. I can cry for no reason, cry because I'm thinking of something that's hardly sad, cry because I feel lonely, cry when watching a tv show or movie, cry because I can't sleep and yes, I do feel sad with all of this. After a good cry, I usually feel better though, I just have to let it out. My mom says being upset is going to make me have an upset baby, but I just can't help it.


Ashley - August 1

Jessielouwho: You being upset this early in the game isn't going to affect your baby! Now, at like 20 weeks your baby can start to recognize your voice. If there is somebody that makes you upset everytime they talk to you, your baby might be able to pick up on this, the same voice might scare him after he's born, etc. My mom has told me that being emotional and saying it has anything to do with my pregnancy is just an excuse - but my husband knows I'm not making this up! I didn't expect to be like this and just do the best I can. I cry alot, too. It does make me feel better, and "alot" is probably an understatement! But hang in there and you are not going to have an upset baby just because you cried alot in early pregnancy or felt sad!!


BRANDI - August 1

I to have been having a difficult time with crying and mood swings. I have had three previous miscarriages and my husband seems to think that I'm not happy about being pregnant. I tried to explain to him that there are lots of things going on in my body that I have no control of. Worries me though in the back of my mind I think that maybe because I'm not happy enough right now that God will think I don't want this baby and take a fourth one from me.


Maria - August 2

hi jessielouwho, thanks for answering to my post, im feeling a bit better ( not crying so much), but still feeling emotional. you will not have an upset baby, don't worry, is to early for him/her to feel anything you feeling, same as me really. now in future we have to be more careful, when the baby is about 20 weeks, then im sure he/she may feel what we are feeling. i hope you are feeling well, all the best to you, and your baby. keep us posted in how you are getting on. GOOD LUCK


Cheryl - August 2

Brandi, I'm in a similar situation, having had 2 m/c and I'm now 9 weeks 3 days pregnant. It took over a year, with the help of a fertility specialist, to finally get pregnant again. I worry all of the time and I try to stay positive, but its very hard! I've been praying a lot, saying thank you for this baby and to please let it stay healthy and strong. I feel bad that my worries then cause my husband to worry! He wants this as much as I do, but he is better at having a positive outlook than I am. =) Just know that you're not alone and keep hoping and praying for the best! A healthy baby is sure to help us heal from our past experiences.


Jessielouwho - August 3

Maria, I am glad you are feeling better :o) And Brandi, I'm sure God understands why you feel that way, Just take care of yourself. Let's all try to stay positive! Good luck to each you, I wish you all the best.


Katie - August 3

Brandi - God made our bodies so wonderfully complex. He created our homones & gave us the ability to cry at the drop of a hat. He knows your inmost desires & he will not take this little blessing away from you unless it's his will. He knows you're excited about the baby & he wants to bless you will a little darling as much as you want it. Do your best to relax & enjoy your pregnancy, even when the crazy hormones kick in. :o) I cry every time a sappy commercial or tv show comes on (Extreme Home Makeover always gets me). My husband has learned to how lighten the mood in our house.


brandi - August 3

Thank you Katie you have no idea how much better you made me feel I was beginning to think that I was a weirdo or something.



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