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Today I got a phone call from my doctors office, regarding some tests they had done on me earlier this week. Turn out I'm a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis. Now from what I understand my husband has to be tested to see if he is a carrier. If he is a carrier we have a 25% chance of having a child with Cystic Fibrosis. If he turns out not to be a carrier we have NO chance of having a chid with this. It takes 2 carriers to make a baby with Cystic Fibrosis? Curious if anyone knows anything more about this issue. I'm scared..and shocked to find this out!


bl - March 9

The same thing happened to me. This is my second pregnancy and wasn't tested for it with my first pregnancy. I was surprised because no one in my family has had CF. My dh tested negative as a carrier, so that was a relief. I'm sure it would be rare for the both of you to be carriers. My dh's blood work came back in just a few days. I'm sure everything will be okay!


charee - March 10

Same thing happened to me too... but my hubby wasnt a carrier... does anyone know if you are a carrier with a 1st pregnancy, will you always be a carrier? And will my dh always be the same??


lmk - March 10

charee, you are a carrier because your body has a gene for it...your dh doesn't. You don't change your genes, so you will always be a carrier and your dh wil always not be one. The Mayo site has good info:


SaraH - March 11

Cystic Fibrosis, is caused by a genetic mutation. All humans are diploid, which means that your cells have 2 copies of each of your chromosomes (a chromosome contains all of your genetic info -your DNA). Humans have 46 totalchromosomes, made up of 23 different pairs. When sperm and eggs are made, a cell splits in half and each half takes a copy of each chromosome (so sperm and eggs only have 23 total chromosomes). When fertilization takes place you get 1 copy of each of the 23 chromosomes from each parents. This gives the baby the normal pair of 23 chromosomes all humans have --which is the total of 46 chromosomes. Cycstic Fibrosis is a mutation to a gene on a chromosome (I don't know what chromosome number it is, but to make this easier we'll say it's a mutation to chromosome number 7). You are a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis if one of your number 7 chromosomes has the mutation, but the other one doesn't (remember you have a pair of each chromosomes -- pairs are numbered 1-23 -- so you have 2 number 7 chromosomes). In order for your child to actually have Cystic Fibrosis they have to have the mutation on both number 7 chromosomes. So, for them to get it your husband has to have a mutation to one of his number 7 chromosomes too. Then if when your cell split to make the egg it got the half that had the mutated number 7 chromosome, and if his sperm also got the mutated chromosome number 7 from him your child would have cycstic fibrosis. If your husband isn't a carrier though then he can never give your child a mutated number 7 chromosome b/c all of his chromosomes are your child can never have cycstic fibrosis. However, even if your husband is not a carrier, your child still has a 50% chance of being a carrier for cystic fibrosis --b/c you always have to give your child one of your number 7 chromosomes, and you have a 50% chance of giving them the mutated number 7 chromosome you carry. Since this is all due to genetics as Imk said you will always be a carrier and your child will always have a chance of being a carrier themselves. If your husband is also a carrier the you will always have a 25% chance of having a child w/ cycstic Fibrosis, a 25% chance of having a child w/o cycstic Fibrosis who is not a carrier for it, and a 50% chance of having a child who is a carrier but does not have it. Hope that wasn't too confusing and that it helped a little. Good luck.


charee - March 11

Ahh, thanks for the info girls! That is very helpful, and, to me in particular very comforting to know it will be the same this time! =) I dont know why- i just dont worry too horribly much about everything and the baby- i worry but i just figure its all okay unless something is going on! Thanks for the info girls =)



Update...Good news...The doctors off called today my not a carrier for CF...Thank goodness! I was sooo worried..I read everything I could on this issue..just in case:) Thanks for all your support & answers.


nino3 - March 20

Hey Sara, do you ask for this kiind of testing done on you or does the doctor just tests you for everything?


MrsShelton217 - March 20

Let me add something to this just to throw everything off.... My sisters little boy has CF. He is 3 years old. He is doing well right now. Anyway... She IS a carrier, and her husband is NOT a carrier. The doctors questioned whether or not her husband was really the father of the baby. They said it was impossible for him to have fathered the child since he was NOT a carrier. They did DNA testing and found the husband to actually be the father of the child. The doctors could not explain this at all. They had a set of parents one whom was a carrier, and one that was not a carrier... and they had a child that was not only a carrier, but HAD Cystic Fibrosis... They still have NO idea what happened... the only explination they can come up w/ is that the child received the mutated chromosome from the mother, and then the childs own #xyz chromosome mutated on it's own. They said that the chance of that happening was less than .001%, but it could have happened.



Nino, This test was done during all my blood work tests on my 1st office visit. I guess this is a new test...My sister had children a couple years ago, and never had this test done.



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