Frustrated With The Dr Need To Vent

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shyann - March 28

I am so frustrated with my doctor and i'm thinking about changing doctors, from my calcuations I believe i'm 9w4d I was to have my first appointment yesterday 3/27 and a hour before my appointment my doctors office called and cancelled on me with no explaination the receptionist was laughing on the phone telling me they maybe able to get me in at the end of april this is my 3rd pregnancy and the other 2 went fine but I want to ease my mind and be sure everything is going ok am I crazy for wanting to change doctors for this reason?


angelinakai - March 28

I understand how you feel. i mean we have to wait weeks and weeks for our appt and then for them to so insensatively cancel it was rude. i would call back and say that i want to be seen soon and if they can't then i would consider changing drs. that was really rude of them.


knpandrews - March 28

Hello Shyann... I would not stand for that at all. I would call the doc. office and ask to speak with the office manager. Explain to her excatly what happened and how rude it was for teh receptionist to be laughing on the phone while tellign you this. You can also explain to her that you are already almost 10 wks. and waiting til the end of april is absolutely unexceptable. Stand up for yourself darlin' I had to do the same thing with my appt. and now the receptionist is suddenly an angel to me. Just speak to the office manager and stand up for what you know is right.


honker - March 29

Hi Shyann, I cannot believe they did that to you!!! It sounds as if they were very rude at least. Do they know that you are pregnant, how far along you think you are, and that waiting until the end of April is clearly not an option? I hope you took down the name of the person. I would call back, only talk to someone else (try a different time of day maybe?), and then be sure to fill in your doctor when you get in within a week or two! If that fails, hopefully there is a doctor that has reasonable staff waiting to hear from you. Good luck, that must have been upsetting.



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