Fullness And Soreness Of Breasts Gone For 2 Days

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Maria - March 1

Hi- I got really upset over an issue and was stewing over it very heavily- about an hour later, my br___ts seemed to have stopped being so sore and full.. (like deflated).. We just saw the heartbeat on Friday (6w1d) and all was fine.. I am concerned but hoping someone else had this happen (deflate, less sore).. This was one of the most constant symptoms I had Help, Maria


Heidi - March 1

I'm at almost 7 weeks. Mine are off and on. Some days I'm like, okay what's going on here?!?!!? Then it all comes back eventually. I wouldn't worry about it.


Maria - March 1

How about the less fullness part? they were growing a bit and now seem less big.. thank you.. scared here..


Heidi - March 1

Some days mine don't hurt as much and seem like they've deflated! Ha ha! Then a day or so later they're really full. I wouldn't worry about it. Symptoms come and go. Mine sure have been and I haven't even had my first ultrasound yet. My m/s has changed a lot too. It just quit one day and kind of took on a new form. Yuck!


Maria - March 1

THANK YOU!! I was going batty over the fullness part.. I know they can come and go but.. let's face it.. I'm just a nervous wreck..


Linda - March 1

I lost the pain too. They still hurt, but nothing like before. I am also bleeding & the internal u/s says the baby measures 5.5-6 wks. I am 9 weeks. Am I doomed?


Leslie - March 1

My b___st hurt on and off too, some days just the outside are sore and other days the whole b___st is sore. My b___st are growing rapidly, before pregnancy I was a 34C now I can barely fit into a 36C and I am 12.5 weeks.


To Linda - March 1

2 years ago I had what the Drs call a "missed abortion." I was 10 weeks 2 days pg. @ the u/s but they said that the pics. showed that it stopped growing at 6 1/2 weeks for some reason. I was allowed to go home and think about if I wanted to go through the pain (when it would come) or if I wanted the D&C. Of coarse i chose the D&C b/c it hurt to have it inside me when you are so happy. I knew that I could never carry that child so I let the Dr. do his thing. Hopefully for you its not the same, I think he probably would have told you already though. Hope this helps


Heidi - March 2

Linda, I hope your doctor gives you some good news. What did he tell you after the u/s?? I haven't had my first u/s yet so I'm really not getting my hopes up. I'm just in my 7th week and I have m/s but it comes and goes. I've read that you can still get m/s and have problems but not know until you get the u/s done that there's a problem. I didn't want to tell everyone until we got the u/s done but my fiance told everyone!!!! I know the first 12 weeks can be iffy so I'm just trying to stay calm.


Heather - March 3

mine haven't hurt since around 10 weeks... they only seem to hurt if theyre too jiggled. i was worried for a bit so i would squeeze them so they would hurt.. they haven't gotten smaller actually bigger but not painful at all.. they itch right before they grow :|


chelle - March 4

I have 2 children and on my 3rd. Breast problems were always a big factor for me. My pain and swelling I remember quite well quitting around 2 to 3 months along.


Linda - March 4

It might be your progesterone levels. Mine did same, and my levels are very low. Doc has me on progesterone suppositories now. Good luck!


Linda - March 4

Oh, sorry ladies. Didn't see your replies below. Like I said I am on progesterone sups. I go on Monday for another internal u/s. Bleeding has slowed a lot, and I am not crampy anymore. Hope this is working.


Did - March 11

Hi Maria. Hope everything is ok for you by now. I am s'pose to be in my third weeks and for the last two weeks my b___sts have been very sore and painful. Also it was heavy at times but now it is only a little sore, not too heavy and I am really comfused. I stopped taking injections in December 2004 and my LMP was 16th Feb. 2005. I have mild cramping at times which comes and goes, I feel nausea at times. I wish someone could help me in this confusing time as I cannot stop worrying if I am actually pregnant or not. If any has any ideas or help, you're most welcome.


CherrineShort - July 3

I have been only using foderma serum for a week and I can see some fullness to my breast. I'm excited to see what it does in some months!



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