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Punkin - February 19

I want a really creative and fun way to announce our pregnancy to our family. (When it's time) I wanted to do the personalized M&M's, but is it really worth the $50 min. order? Just thought ya'll might have some neat ideas? TIA


gaudior - February 20

When announcing our first pg (which sadly ended in m/c) it was really early in the pg, but we couldn't resist the opportunity we had. It was Mother's Day, and my mom loves to knit, so we gave her a skein of pastel yarn and a book of knitting patterns for baby clothes. She was so clueless (granted she's been waiting 11 years for a grandkid) she said "BABIES?!? I'm not knitting any baby clothes until YOU have a baby." We just stood there like "Um, YEAH, that's what we're trying to tell you." Dh's mom takes a zillion photos everywhere she goes, so we gave her a photo album with a baby's footprint on the front. Again, she didn't get it... "Oh, a photo album, how nice." We had to point out what kind of photo album it was, then she started SCREAMING! It was great, but the aftermath of sad phone calls was not. We didn't even tell them about the second pg/ mc. This time we're going to wait until we're well into the 2nd trimester before we tell anyone (except the doctor and you all :-) ) I'm superst_tious because both times I m/c one day after I told someone, so wild dogs couldn't drag the news out of me this time. I haven't decided how to tell them (if, God willing, all goes well): I may just show up in a maternity outfit for Easter and see how long it takes them to notice.


Punkin - February 20

I have only told my best friend, I am scared to tell anyone else. It seems like with your friends you can tell just them, but when you get into fam. if you tell one, everyone knows, so I am trying to be patient. I am 5 weeks today. Gaudior- How far along are you? Good luck this time!!!


tk07 - February 21

i was thinking about doing something similar like getting a shirt that says grandpa on it for a birthday or something. gaudior, i felt the same way and i was so scared to tell anyone this time because i started to m/c the day after i told my brothers, it was horrible. mine was real early too just before 6 weeks. that is why i am extra paranoid about this pregnancy and everything freaks me out! we only told my mom and now my brothers know again because dh couldn't hold it in! i just hope everything goes well....


dukeblue1212 - February 21

You all just helped me figure out how I was going to tell my parents. I'm a huge Duke fan so I just ordered a baby bottle and bib from their website. I'm going to wrap them up and give them to my mom and dad. How soon is too soon to tell them? I am seven weeks along and I'm having a hard time keeping my mouth shut.


gaudior - February 22

Punkin, I'm 8w5d today. I was too nervous to post yesterday because it was the day I m/c last time... so as of today I'm officially further along than ever before! My morning sickness didn't hit me as hard yesterday so I was worried, but now I'm nice and nauseous. Best wishes to all!


Bellas Mom - February 22

gaudior.... I just had to comment on your posts... First, your ideas were awesome! You had me smiling... Too bad it didn't last, that bothered me :-( But congratulations on this being the furthest you've ever been, please keep us posted, especially when you wear that easter maternity outfit :-) Best wishes to you!!!


Punkin - February 22

guadior- I am so happy for you, YEAH! you'll have to keep us posted on how everything goes! I heard another idea about family gatherings, get everyone together for a pic, and then tell everyone "say cheese!", then take another pic and have everyone say "Kelly's (your name)'s Pregnant!" and snap another shot, it'll be a great addittion to your baby book!


tk07 - February 23

the picture idea is great! and then to have a picture of everyone's surprised faces! i was a nervous wreck when it came time for me to pa__s the time i m/c. i am praying it sticks this time!


KWaits - February 23

My dh and I just bought a new car. Nobody has seen the car yet, so we are going to go buy a carseat and put in in the back seat. So when everybody looks at the car for the first time they will wonder why a carseat is there. Surprise!


wannabamama - February 23

we announced it at my sister's 25th birthday party. the whole family was there in my mom's kitchen watching my sister open her gifts. we wrapped a little box and inside of it it said "we're pregnant!" it was in a gift bag with tissue but with no card or tag. all 16 pple in that little kitchen was dead silent for a whole minute trying to figure out this message when my sister opened it up and read it in a very perplexed tone. until they looked at my husband and i beaming ear to ear smiling and boy did the screaming and hugging and laughing start!!! it was perfect!


Erin1979 - February 23

My friend's brother is a real joker. He went to a photographer and had a photo done of himself (like Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair) naked, pushing out his beer gut, holding his arm under it covering his "area". Then they put them in Cards at a dinner party on everyone's plate and had them open them up. On the back of the card it said, We're having a baby! It was So funny.


gaudior - February 24

Thanks for the kind wishes. I love the idea of the group photo! If my sister makes it down for Easter, maybe we'll announce that way.


Mega - February 24

My inlaws have been out of town for the past month & 1/2. DH & I decided we really want to tell them in person so when they get back in town Thurs. we're going up to see them that weekend. I bought coffee mugs this weekend, 1 that says I love my grandpa & one that says I love my grandma and I plan on serving them coffee in their new mugs. I can't wait to see how long it takes them to notice. :) It's amazing how many fun, creative ways there are to announce a pregnancy. I'll be 11 weeks when we tell DH's parents. I had a recent m/c myself (the cycle before this) & I didn't tell anyone except my DH & mom until we hit week 8 and saw the h/b for the 2nd time. Erin, that's hilarious how your friend's brother announced their pregnancy. :) Too funny!


GettingitAll - February 27

My first pregnancy was early and unplanned so announcing it was not a happy event but after I was married and my husband and I had tried for over a year with no luck we wanted to make the announcement of our 2nd child really special so on Mother's Day we visited our mothers and we gave his mom a plant and a trash can (we were planning on giving her anyway) but we put a card in the bottom-a two of hearts- in the bottom of the can and she figured it out becuase she only had one grandchild at the time. With my mom we gave her a congrats on your new baby card, they were both thrilled and very happy for us. This time (our 3rd) I am planning to make a rhyme for my mom about the number 9 since she will now have nine grandchildren, I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!



I wish I could of had a chance to do something special to announce us being pregnant. The day I found out I had spent the day shopping, and complaing of how gross I fealt..I joked I know I have to be pregnant I have never fealt so sick of smells before. On our way back from the mall my mother and sister stopped by the drug store..and grabbed a test...I was so shocked...Then at my mothers house she said "Well? Well go take it!" I could never imagined I'd be taking my 1st Potive test in my moms bathroom. My sister read off the result...I thought for sure it was negative..but it was a PLUS...I then went to store and picked up a pack of cigars and pulled 1 cigars...and ran home.


MrsShelton217 - February 28

With my first... we had just been on a we had tons of pictures to show everyone. We had a few pictures left to take, so hubby set his camera up on the tripod and took a picture of him kissing my belly with me holding a pregnancy test. We made each family member a copy of the pictures, (so they would all look at them at the same time) the last pic was the pic of hubby kissing my belly. You should have seen the looks on their faces! It was priceless!



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