Fun Ways To Tell The Family

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WyattsMommy - November 30

With Christmas being just around the corner, I'm hoping to tell my family on Christmas Day. Anyone have any unique ideas? When I found out I was pregnant with my DS two Christmases ago, I had my parents open up "I love Grandpa" and "I love Grandma" bibs. So I'm wondering what else I can do to surprise them with this pregnancy? Thanks!


tryingrose - November 30

How about when everyone sits down for christmas dinner you say grace. And in the middle of saying grace say something like I wish for a happy healthy nine months... It will completely take them by surprise


Lou_and_Bump - November 30

My boyfriend had a fab idea... You could get a t-shirt done up with 'baby on board' like the stickers you get for cars and just wear it under a cardigan then say how hot you are, take it off and observe the reactions... Hopefully this translates as I think I've seen 'baby on board' stickers in the states too, (I'm from the UK).


Faye84 - November 30

I bought a onsie from Creepy crawlers dot com and on it it said " I'm going to be a big sister in 2008" and i put it on my 7 month old daughter, We went over to my parents and gave her to my mom, she took my daughters jacket off...and read it slowly then started screaming like a crazy person. It was pretty awesome.


ShoppingForTwo - November 30

Aww that's so cute Faye!


Jessicab3 - November 30

We bought T-shirts for our kids that said "I'm going to be a big sister again" and "I'm going to big brother" and had them open them on Thanksgiving morning, then they wore them to grandpas and showed them off. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone read them and freak out. We bought them at They have all kinds of them and reasonably priced too.


WyattsMommy - November 30

Thanks for the ideas! I'm going to check out that website, jessica!


fefer1 - November 30

We took a picture of my sister and brother in law with their newborn and photo shopped a my husband and I into the photo instead of their faces. We also took a picture of my preggo sister and put my face in instead of hers - put them in frames and wrapped them up as Valentines gifts. :)


Kayla13 - December 1

This is what dh and I did on thanksgiving... We had to make mashed potatoes for everyone and we went out and bought little baby rattles. We stuck them on top of the mashed potatoes and had a dark lid to cover the potatoes and then they opened it they saw the rattles... It was so cute... my mother in law was the best she thought it was a cute idea before she realized what we were trying to say, then her jaw dropped when she realized... It was awesome... we also had little pacifier candies hanging around and no one got the hint.....


KWaits - December 3

I made cards for both sides of the family. The front said Ovulation kit $30.00, Pregnancy Test $20.00, S_xy Undies $15.00, then the inside had a picture of the pregnancy test and said, Two Pink Lines- PRICELESS. The parents loved it!


softbreeze200 - December 3

Kwaits...I love that idea!! So cute!! I bet they were super excited!! I told my husband thatone and he really liked it too!!


WyattsMommy - December 3

I just found a T-Shirt that says, "No one asked me about this whole new baby thing." I thought about getting that for my son and seeing how long it takes my family to catch on.



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