Funny How Mother S Guilt Kicks In So Soon

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reneenay - October 22

Can anyone relate to this? I am already feeling guilty over the smallest things. If I eat a hot dog, I feel guilty over the nitrates...if I have a cup of coffee, mind you, DECAF coffee, I still feel guilty. If I drink ONE coke in a day I feel guilty over the caffeine. If I don't go for a walk or do my kiegels excercises for a day or two I feel bad. Heaven forbid I would forget to take my vitamins for a day...I am sure I would feel horrible over that too. It all boils down to feeling like every little thing I do affects the baby. Is this a product of too much reading? I am definitely a conscientious type A personality, but even I know, somewhere inside that pregnant head of mine, that this is rediculous. Anyone else feel like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one!


reneenay - October 22

FYI, it is my first pregnancy and I am at 10 weeks...


Mel Page - October 22

Hay babe, you are defo not the only one, I'm 22 weeks pg and still feel that way. Nothing wrong with keeping your baby's best intrest at heart!!!


javidsgirl - October 22

i think that is sign you are going to be a great mummy


autumnsmommy - October 22

It's perfectly normal. Consider this your preparation... for when the baby is born. Mommyhood is nothing but worrying. LOL Don't worry sounds like you've got a good start to making sure your baby comes first. That's one lucky baby! :D Don't worry a little self indulgence won't hurt.


EricaG - October 22

This is completely normal and will extend long long after the birth of your baby. Only then it will be guilt over wether your baby is eating right, sleeping right, gaining enough weight, happy enough, smart enough, hitting milestones etc. You're just being a good mommy.


reneenay - October 22

Hey ladies, thanks for your responses...I know deep in my heart that it is perfectly natural to feel this way...I just wanted to comment on it and start up a conversation about it because, well, it's funny! Kay101, you are right...there are people like Nicole Richie, who has a history of all sorts of drugs and an eating disorder...let's hope for her baby's sake that is all behind her. If she can do it, I surely can. I took a bath the other day and stayed in for about ten minutes, then I got paranoid and got out. But my Dr says it's fine and baths are relaxing. Heck, I think I'll go take one after I write this. But there is STILL that nagging feeling of, uh-oh, I hope the baby is okay! I know it will never end. Honestly, I think some pregnant women are other pregnant womens' worst enemies sometimes. If THEY aren't drinking a drop of caffeine and you are, they give you that look of disapproval. My cousin keeps telling me that she didn't drink any caffiene at all during her pregnancy. But we are all different and I like my coffee, tea, and coke every once in a while. No harm, no foul. My gosh, I could be on heroine, and drinking a pint of vodka every night, smoking a pack a day, like some pregnant women out there. It's good to keep things in perspective! Thanks again, and good luck to you all!



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