FYI Now You Re Supposed To Eat Fish

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nola-gal - November 12

I just went to the doctor today and she said to make sure i get 12 ounces of fish that has a lot of omega 3 in it...tuna, salmon, etc. once a week. they used to be worried about the mercury, but recent studies show that brain development suffers without a little bit of fish. but still no sushi! boo! so make sure it's cooked!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

lol good to know :) I kinda wanted some fish... yum.


sashasmama - November 12

You can eat sushi when you are pregnant, what you can't eat is lox (smoked salmon) because it might carry listeria, but sushi and sashimi are fine (as long as it's not the smoked kind). The only thing that could happen is you could get a stomache virus, but that in no way affects your baby.


ShoppingForTwo - November 12

ABSOLUTELY NO SUSHI!!! Our fish has to be cooked!! Just like our eggs. Pregnant women could always eat Salmon, Tuna, Cod. . . and some other types of fish. JUST NOT the ones that contain a lot of mercury. Google it, or get a pregnancy book. What to expect when your expecting is a wonderful source. Not more than 12 ounces of anything type of fish each week though ladies. There are these awesome DHA Omega daily gel caps that they sell especially for pregnant women. They have fish oil and everything. They suppossedly help with brain and eye development. Motherhood Maternity has them, I took them with my daughter. The only bad part is when you burp it smells like fish. I hope I cleared somethings up ladies. Look it up if you don't believe me.


ShoppingForTwo - November 12

Oh and the worry about listeria is from uncooked deli meats. Just throw them in the microwave. Smoked fish is fine, as long as its cooked 100%.


ChattyKathy - November 12

Well, sushi IS cooked some, but I wouldn't risk it. Really, most things are okay in moderation in pregnancy. There are TONS of rules, it will make your head spin if you try to pay attention to all of them. Tuna is good, but I read somewhere that you're only supposed to have it once a week or something, not go crazy on it. The bigger fish have a higher risk of mercury. But yeah, I've taken those DHA pills too. Definitely take them at night because the fishy burps are the worst!


sarah21 - November 12

You can eat salmon and tuna but no tilapia, swordfish, shark, or mahi mahi (basically all the tasty fish) because they still have abnormally high levels of mercury that can harm your fetus.


sashasmama - November 12

Neither the CDC nor the FDA have any warnings to women about eating sushi or sashimi during pregnancy. They do recommend you don't eat unpasturized cheese, hot dogs, luncheon meat, soft-serve ice cream and refrigerated smoked salmon or pate, due to the increased risk of listeria.


sashasmama - November 12

There is a good book, written by an obgyn, called "Worry Free Pregnancy".


kay101 - November 12

Whaaaat no soft serve icecream? So no more dairy queen?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


sashasmama - November 12

The reason for that is - the ice cream machines do not get cleaned out as they should, and that's when there is a chance of listeria developing there, the same with deli lunch meats, that are cut on those machines you see there...those don't get cleaned out either, or at least not as they should. That's why they say sushi is's not due to the fact that the fish has the bacteria in it already, but because of the hygene of the place you get it from.


sashasmama - November 12

The irony of all of this is that they do studies on smoking in pregnancy on women that smoke about 2 packs per day...the studies on fetal alcohol syndrome - 5 or more alcoholic drinks on a daily basis. We are all here...and what about the days when man didn't have fire...obviously that didn't stop women from having babies...or we wouldn't be here today.


SaraH - November 13

They have never said "no fish" and mercury is still a concern. You need to stay away from fish that is high in mercury like Swordfish, Albacore tuna, etc. White tune and Salmon and the likes are fine. You should stick to about 12 oz as your doc said though and no more per week (you can also take omega 3 fish oils w/o the fear of mercury to get the same benefits you can get it at a whole food co-op and if you buy a more expensive prenatal from a co-op or a natural medicine store they may have it in already). Sushi is a NO. While most of the Sushi here in the US is well monitored and would probably be alright, they tell you to not risk it and to stay away from it (look it up in a reliable source if you wish) and as far as I know, as someone else already said listeria is a problem w/ deli meat...never heard of it being an issue w/ smoked salmon.


stefkay - November 13

Best thing to do is take an Omega 3 supplement. My dr. suggested Expecta DHA, but I take an omega 3 that has both DHA and EPA in it instead. Nowadays these supplements are regulated so as not to have mercury or other toxins in them. Just make sure when purchasing that they don't contain other herbs or fish LIVER oil. It needs to be purified fish oil.


newlywed0915 - November 13

how about freshly sliced deli meat? What if you ask them to clean the machine before? Reason why I'm asking is that I'm having STRONG cravings for italian Prosciutto!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!aand if I get it, can I pop it in the microwave for just 20 seconds? Its best cold!


jennifer_33106 - November 13

haha I just wanted to say that I think personally people become over cautious during pregnancy. NO SODA! NO FISH! NO CHOCOLATE! I can say that I have ate through out my pregnancy eggs over medium, medium rare steak, California rolla, (which are not really sushi but close) soda, chocolate, tuna ect. I dont over do it now but I do indulge. I am 25 weeks 4 days and my baby is doing just fine. I am not saying that everything is ok but come on seriously. Oh and I eat deli meat too. I just think that as pregnant woman we are expected to live in a bubble and not venture out. I wonder what woman 100 years ago did, heck even 25 years ago did with out all the do's and dont's of today? I am not being a b___h I promise but I even heard the other day someone cautioning pgt women on microwave and cell phone usage. You can have things in moderation if you dont over do it. JMO.


javidsgirl - November 13

actualy you have to becareful not to eat farmed fish the fish has to be wild so go to a fish market to make it is not farmed becuase the mercury levels in farmed fish is really high. so i would just take a supplement i did through out my pregnancy but when chosing a supplement go with expecta or one with no preservatives and that is made from wild salmon



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