Gaining Weight Already Ahhhh

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angelinakai - February 22

I am only 4-5 weeks pg and all i want to do is eat and sleep. I am normally so active and very cautious about my weight, but i am just hungry and sleepy!! have any of you dealt with this in the first trimester? I am kinda nervous about it, but i have been walking for an hour 3-4 days a week and got a pregnancy workout video. please share your wieght gain and how many weeks :)


kjones - February 22

I am 6 weeks and I already gained 4 lbs I am also very hungry and sleepy with other symptoms and I have been going to the gym for 4 years 5 times a week for an hour and now I am going 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes. I would like to do some arobics but I need to get my doctors approval first. I am also like you nervous about my weight so dont feel too bad.


SuzieQ - February 22

I'm 8w3d and have only gained 2 pounds. And I've been eating like a horse! Seriously - I nap at least twice a day! _ and I eat an extra whole meal each day. I haven't been keeping up with my exercise program at all, but plan on starting again when I hit the second trimester :)


angelinakai - February 23

thanks ladies. I have gained 3lbs, but I am just going to start being more careful. I mean i stopped eating sugar and have only been eating really really healthy food, I guess I just have been eating too much of it :)


nik - February 23

I was really hungry right away but once the 6th week hit, (hormone level jumps alot that week) I started getting a qeasey feeling when ever I thought about eating anything. I was never REALLY sick, at that point food in general didnt appeal to me. I started eating less because I had no appet_te. Its pretty much going away now, Im on my 12th week, but I am down 5lbs. Oh, and right around the 6th week I lost all my energy and never worked out anymore. Dont force yourself to work out if your body doesnt want to, and eat what your body is telling you to eat, (just not the junk food.) Everyone will gain weight at thieir own pace.


Hana - February 23

hiya, no one can beat me at the weight gain; i've put on 6 kg (10lb) and im only 8w 4d. im not eating that much , but i lack movement. Im so tired i end up spending most of the day sleeping or sitting in front of the telly. Im thinking of getting a Pilates workout dvd...


kjones - February 23

This is what I ate this morning. I piece of toast aome OJ and 1/2 or so of oatmeal. Is that too much? Nik I just hit my 6 weeks and I just started getting sick in the morning. Its like Im hungry but then I eat and then I feel really sick. Yesterday it was hard to keep anything down. So we'll see how it goes today.


pink_roses - February 23

i am 11.5 weeks now. for the first 8 weeks i lost weight now i am gaining it back with a vengence! i have been really nauseous and on the verge of throwing up but not actually letting myself and alli can eat are white carbs. it's weird b/c i usually eat really healthy and eat whole grains and used to get sick when i ate white carbs. now all i do is eat to curb the nausea and i have gained back the weight i lost plus another 4 lbs. i also stopped exercising once the nausea and fatigue hit hard. every time i tried to force myself to go for a walk, i would get really sick. it's odd b/c i usually love to exercise and it usually makes me feel better! at least i know i am not alone with this... i am really afraid my OB will lecture me when i go for my appt next week b/c i gained too much weight the first trimester. :(


Leilani14 - February 23

Hi! I started my pregnacy with determination that I will put in myself only the foods of the highest nutritonal values, that I will exercise regulary and that I will gain the recomended weight in the right way. Well mostof that went down the drain when my m/s hit. I do eat a lot of organic foods, actually organic foods are the only thing I can eat. But I added chocolate, and home made french fries. Thanklly I cant eat large portions because my nausea get even worse. A lot of books mentions that exercise helps with nausea, I'm glad to read here that there is someone else out there that also get even more sick after exercising. I gained about 3lb, and most of it was early, I'm 9w2d. Last few weeks I didn't gain anything, but I'm so afraid that when nausea goes away I won't be able to stop eating.


angelinakai - February 23

thanks for all of your responses. i found out today that i am 5w 2d. i havent gained anymore weight thankfully. I never eat junk food, just fruit and whole grains and vegs and normal stuff... no fast food at all, no chips or sweets or anything, but i still gained, its so wierd. but i was not very big to begin with, just average i guess.



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