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Nikki - June 30

what is safe to take for gas?


Shandra - March 12

i would like to know too because i am 6 weeks and terribly gasy.


lianne - May 10



Laura - May 23

I am 5 weeks and very ga__sy and bloated. I don't know what to do about flatulence (except to let it out!) but I find it helps my stomach to drink a carbonated beverage because it makes you burp out the excess gas in your stomach.


Shelly - May 26

I had to give up any ideas of being ladylike with my first 2 pregnancys. Just burp and fart. You're pregnant, you have a good excuse! It does help to eat more slowly. Chew each bite well before swallowing. Remember, digestiion starts in the mouth. There are also chewable papaya pills that help a lot. (They also work great for acid.) You can get them at a health food store. You might want to stay away from carbonated drinks, because they can upset the calcium/phosphorus ratio which is important in bone development.


Mia - May 28

I am now 12 weeks pregant and had the same problem with gas. I ask my doctor and she told me that it is safe for pregant women to take Gas-X. It really helped me for both gas and bloating. Hope this helps some of you.


Glenda - June 2

Would like to know if Im pregnant. I have missed my period for 3 weeks now and since then i have been burping so many times in a day.


Shelly - June 2

Glenda, Take a pregnancy test.


kaley - June 3

I'm 4 weeks and reallly sucks hope you can figure something out.


celia - June 30

is it safe to tack gas-x while being 3 months pregnant


Bernadette - July 25

I am 5w and am having a lot of gas pains with dierreah.. Is this normal..


Anne - July 26

Bernadette and Nikki, we are in the same shoes, i am 5 wks, the gas is too much, it has even re activated ulcer like pains in my upper stomach, its so un comfortable, i talked to my dr told me its normal.but if anyone knows some foods u can eat to easen it pliz let us know.


Ashley - July 26

Hey, good luck to everyone!! I have no idea what I did unless it is because I started to eat a little bit more during the day but my terrible gas pains left. Now, I just have morning sickness - I throw up if I brush my teeth or cough! It was so emberra__sing but I guess I wish I still had the really bad gas instead of this terrible naseua all of the time!!!!



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